October 16, 2021


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‘The Masked Singer’ reveals the identity of Season 6 Premier Octopus

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Eater caution: The first episode of “The Masked Singer” aired September 22 on Fox, if you haven’t seen it, don’t read it.

Basketball star Dwight Howard will have at least more time now to focus on bringing back a championship in Los Angeles. The Lakers player is the first celebrity to unmask in season 6 of Fox’s “The Masked Season,” which returns on Wednesday প্রথম the first of two nights premiere and double elimination.

The other excluded contestant, Mother Nature, won’t open the mask until Thursday’s episode.

Howard wore an octopus costume, and sang Little Richard’s “Tutti Frutti.” She said it was her mother’s favorite show, so she preferred to join the “Mask Singer”.

“I enjoyed every moment,” Howard told Variety in his departure interview. “Oh man, it was hot and sweaty. I couldn’t really shake my head much. And even though I didn’t dance as much as I really wanted to, I still tried hard enough and it was great.

NBA superfan Ken Jeong immediately knew it was Howard and immediately left him alone. “Based on your story, I just think [it’s you], “He said.

Considering the height of the octopus, basketball players were a popular choice. Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg guessed Dennis Rodman and Nicole Scherzinger thought it was Shakil O’Neill. Robin Thick thought it was Joel MBD.

Why choose octopus clothing? “I think the octopus chose me,” Howard joked. “I think he wanted to figure out his personality somehow. Most people are afraid of octopuses. They are mysterious, they are creatures that people don’t want to mess with when they go out to sea. But they like to eat these sometimes, which is crazy. But I thought we needed to bring out some of our characters and show people a different side of who we are. I was able to let go of my fears when I became an octopus.

Howard said he first started thinking about doing “The Masked Singer” after his name was revealed during Season 2, when he competed as NBA star Victor Oladipo Thingamjig. Many viewers wondered if it was Howard. Then in his time with the Philadelphia 76ers last season, Howard said he and his teammates would sing a song while practicing on the free-throw line, and again, others suggested he should try the “mask singer”. So when he received an email from the production asking about his interest, Howard was on board.

Howard said he was “a little upset” to leave the show so soon, but “it gave me the confidence I needed and I was fine after that. I wanted to continue singing more, and could finish the show, but doing that show was my That was great. ”

On his return, Howard was ready to sing “It’s Your Thing” for his second number. Here was the voiceover for the octopus clue package: “I wanted to be an octopus because eight is a lucky number, and I’m a lucky guy! I reached success at a young age, and I felt like I had everything. And all I could do was smile. But everyone started laughing at me for not being serious. People wanted me out. And I fell. And when you get so big and you fall, you fall quite hard. To start anew, I had to give up my ego. But I told you, I’m a lucky man. ”

“The Masked Singer” enters Season 6 with 16 contestants and returns to studio audiences for the first time since the epidemic began. This season’s outfits include Baby, Banana Split, Beach Ball, Bull, Caterpillar, Cupcake, Dalmatian, Hamster, Mallard, Mother Nature, Octopus, Pepper, Pufferfish, Queen of Hearts and Skunk.

Season 6 contestants have received a combined 85 Grammy nominations and 27 wins, three Academy Award nominations, 12 Emmy nominations, 12 Rajji Award nominations, two Super Bowl appearances and two Lifetime Achievement Awards.

Also new this season, a “Take It Off” market show will allow panelists to claim to remove a celebrity’s mask prematurely, if they believe they know who it is.

The show’s panelists will again compete for the “Golden Year” trophy based on the first impressions of each masked actor (which McCarthy has won the last two times) – and within a week, the panelists’ final predictions were their first impressions. That means Jeong got a point.

For Mother Nature, both Jeong and McCarthy Wahlberg speculated on Tiffany Hadith. Scherzinger went with Chelsea Handler but switched to Tracy Ellis Ross for his pick. Thek’s first impression was Ross, and he stuck with her for her pick.

Here are the other contestants and their performances on the first night:


Song: Sam Smith’s “Diamond”
Likes: “Executive Suite.”
Dislikes: “Coffee without cream.”
Voice over: “I chose to be skeptical because I’m related to duality. Yin and Yang are all. And while life isn’t always black and white, there are always two sides to every story. I’ve come here to talk about myself. Over the years, I’ve seen it all. “Honey. I may have the misconception that I’m fighting fast. But honey, it can’t go beyond the truth. I’ve learned that you don’t always have to react to provocations. I took a minute off to focus on family. But Ready to come back from and do what I do, boo.
The panel guesses: Faith Evans, Mary J. Bliz, Tony Braxton, Janet Jackson, Sed.

Puffer fish

Song: “Say so,” by Doza Cat
Power: “Nothing he can’t fix.”
Weaknesses: “Keep it a secret.”
Voice over: “I’m excited to become a pufferfish. Because I know a thing or two about defending myself. Most of my life, I wanted to blend in but I couldn’t. I was that weird kid in the science class who did all the experiments. And don’t start singing to me. My voice was always different, and not always in a good way. I was ridiculed a lot, so I had to learn to stand up for myself. I think that’s what made me so successful. Tonight, I look forward to standing my ground for the rest of my life. ”
Panel estimates: Maya Rudolph, Pala Abdul, Issa Roy, Jessica Alba

Mother nature

Song: “I’m coming,” Diana Ross wrote
Power: “Patriot.”
Likes:: “Flowers.”
Voice over: “I am thrilled to be Mother Nature, because I have done everything. As Se Tu changed, so did I. It took me a while to come to terms with it, until I realized that my family was already there. Although I am not a mother, I am very protective of those I love. If you come after all of them, this whole wave of shame will come your way, honey! Tonight, I’m swollen. Because darling, life is good. ”
Panel estimates: Aisha Tyler, Tiffany Haddish, Chelsea Handler, Tracee Ellis Ross


Song: “Drops of Jupiter,” on the train
Power: “Calm down under pressure.”
Likes: “Fast Food.”
Voice over: “I grew up in a small, small town surrounded by cows. Most people in town didn’t really go anywhere, but I had a lot of big dreams. So I left and I traveled the world in search of my destiny: to be the greatest of all time. The doors I knocked on didn’t open. I have heard ‘no’ repeatedly. But I did not give up. I became my own boss and eventually noticed Hollywood and even Forbes. I have much more to prove. And I want to do that here. ”
Panel estimates: Hunter Hayes, Lance Bus, Brian Little, Cisco, Dwayne Johnson

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