October 23, 2021


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The MRC Worldwide Music Study says global music streams are up 25.9% this year.

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According to a new study of international music trends from MRC data, since 2021, global music streaming has increased significantly by 25.%% over the same period of 2020. The stream of on-demand audio songs from January to August this year was 1.7 trillion, up from 1.4 trillion in the first eight months of last year.

This is one of the most significant statistics in a new study titled “Global Music and Chart Report: Year in Review”. The report coincides with the first anniversary of Billboard, which established two new charts last year, the weekly Billboard Global 200 and its sister ranking, Global Excel. The US chart, as the name implies, lists the world’s top songs with the United States coming out of the equation.

The report also includes a list of the countries that have the most international rankings in the last 12 months from the rankings, the countries that are experiencing the most music growth, as well as why a collaboration could be important across crossovers.

As good as 25.9% optics for worldwide music streams in 2021, the news continues for paid music downloads, which is hardly a factor in the success of hit records. In the first eight months of this year, global digital music sales fell 14.2% to just 250.2 million, up from 291.5 million in the same period last year.

The MRC data report contains a list of 24 songs for each week of the first year of existence on Billboard’s Global Music Chart chart. There are a lot of songs that American music fans know to be an ongoing smash – some of them are not particularly new releases – Dua Lipper’s “Don’t Start Now”, Harry Styles’ “Watermelon Sugar”, Lil Nass X’s “Old Town” along the road, Weekend’s “Blind Lights”, Lewis Capaldi’s “Someone You Love,” BTS’s “Dynamite”, Billy Ilish’s “Bad Guy” and Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” and “Shape of You”.

More surprising for the United States, observers of this list of songs, including the Nonstop Global Chart Run, will probably have some pics that weren’t public in the state, such as “Savage Profit (Laxed – Siren Beat).” Josh 685 x Jason Derulo, Joel Corey X MNEK’s “Head and Heart”, Malumar’s “Hawaii” and Yosobi’s “Yoru Ni Kakeru”.

Of the 1,300 songs by artists, which made the global charts of the two billboards in the first year of their existence, U.S. activity represented a mere majority of these works, 51%. But, as the study noted, it is a much smaller figure than the 80% figure of American activity in the publication’s Marquee chart, the Billboard Hot 100 on a domestic basis. The Global Excel. The U.S. charts contain only 33% of the charts of American artists.

Other regions whose work is represented on the two charts are led by the United Kingdom, whose artists work with Global 200 (with the help of Ed Sheeran, Dua Lipa, etc.) 10.9%, Puerto Rico, with 9.6% artist representation (Bad Bunny, Mike Towers, Rau Alejandro) And Canada (including Tanny) .5.5% (Thanks to Weekend, Drake Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, etc.), Colombia 2.2% (including Carol G, J Balvin, Shakira and Maluma)), South Korea 2.0% (BTS , Including Blackpink and NCT), Japan with 1.9% charting artists (including Yoasobi and Lisa) and Australia with 1.9% (Sia, the Kid Laroi, Tones and I, etc.). Artists from countries that make up about 1% of charting artists on the global charts include Brazil, Argentina, Germany and France.

According to MRC data, 2% of streams this year came from outside the United States, and the remaining 2% of music streaming activity was in the United States.

For its value, North America is responsible for the lion’s share of the world’s paid music downloads – a rapidly shrinking portion of the music pie. The United States represents 53% of paid digital downloads worldwide, with 47% of sales coming from the last part of the world.

The study sheds light on Jason Derulo to understand the importance of collaboration in the light of various spotlights and states that the US-based actor has redesigned his career by remixing global dance hits and hits their global charts. “One by one,” the study said, “Derulo Jash 685 (from New Zealand) collaborated on ‘Savage Love – Lexed (Siren Beat)’.” PURI, Jhorrmountain and Adje (Netherlands) ‘Coño’; Nuka on ‘Love Not War’ (French New Caledonia); And Tesher (Canada / India) ‘Jalebi Baby’. The real pace of each song on YouTube and SoundCloud has snowed with Derulo’s name-brand identity, even taking the remake of ‘Savage Love-Luxed (Siren Beat) to the top of the Global 200. “

Internationally rock revival creates an unexpected “Eurovision” effect associated with rock. The survey points to Meneskin’s “Jitte e Buni” in Italy, which was viewed by 183 million people last May. Although it wasn’t the rock band’s biggest hit; It’s less than 50 million with weekly streams. The song “Begin” rose to about 225 million weekly global streams by the end of August.

The study also looks at the revival of classic old ones around the world, led by Fleetwood Mac’s tick-tucked success “Dreams”, which has been at the Global 200 for the past 49 weeks, topping the list with 10 other songs released before 2016. US charts. Bonnie M’s 1978 “Rasputin” has also been an unlikely hit, again, rising to number 32 on the Global Excel. US charts.

The full report can be downloaded here.

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