March 29, 2023


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The music industry blackouts Tuesday, solidarity for George Floyd – various calls

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The combined outrage over the death of George Floyd, a Minnesota police officer who fell to his knees during his arrest in Minneapolis, prompted the music industry to take a united stand on Tuesday, June 2nd.

A message widely circulated on Instagram and other social media platforms on Friday evening (May 29th) called for “urgent action to be taken to disconnect from work and reconnect with the community” and “to take action for accountability and change.”

Feelings of this post taking on the role of gatekeeper of the #vision Under the hashtag #ThisshowmastBized, the attitude of a dozen organizations was taken just hours after the violence broke out in Minneapolis and other cities in the United States.

Late Thursday night (Sunday, May 26), Chairman Ron Perry posted Columbia Records publicly denouncing the low-income population: “We stand together with the black community against racism, bigotry and all forms of violence. For our voice must be used more than before.

Founded in 1889, the home sound music label is the oldest of American record companies in works such as Baines, Lil Nass X, Tyler Creator, and Polo G. Other companies include Interscope Records, Motown, Caroline, Cobalt, Electronic Feel Management, LVRN, Pulse Music Publications and many more. See their statement below.

Protesters took to the streets Friday in Los Angeles, New York City, San Jose, Atlanta, DC and other major centers across the country following Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. Chauvin was arrested Friday and charged with third-degree murder and genocide.

Demonstrations began peacefully in Atlanta but took a devastating turn, as protesters broke down the doors of CNN headquarters, sprayed graffiti on a television news building and set a police cruise on fire, WSB-2 reported. Newsletter’s live feed shows protesters trying to hit a police car as barricades were erected.

Earlier on Friday, CNN correspondent Omar Jimenez and a CNN camera crew were broadcast live as they covered unrest in Minneapolis, where protests have continued for four days.

According to a video captured by Kelsey Pegger of the Los Angeles Times, protesters in Los Angeles were seen marching through the city with the slogan “I can’t breathe.” In San Jose, protesters blocked 101 highways, according to video from the NBC Bay Area.

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