March 25, 2023


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The orchestra is stuck in the ‘ghostly’ German Castle surrounded by olvest-variety

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A Bolivian orchestra has been trapped in a German castle for three days after countries closed their borders during the Corinivirus epidemic.

The COVID-19 crisis began just as musicians, some of them under the age of 17, arrived in Germany on a spring concert tour, the BBC reported. However, their concerts soon closed after Germany imposed a ban on social gatherings, and their return flight to Bolivia was canceled after the country closed its borders as a precautionary measure.

Since then, the group has been safe in the 60,000-year-old Rhineberg Palace, an hour and a half northwest of Berlin.

“Our bus crashed on the motorway. I remember joking that it was unfortunate and that our concerts would probably be canceled. But I never thought it would happen, “said Carlos.

The ancient estate was home to German royalty in the 1500s, including Frederick the Great, who hated the halls of this group’s joke castle.

“We all joke that Frederick’s ghost is following us and trying to make our trip up. I don’t usually believe in things like that, but it seems like there are ghosts on the ground, “said Camid Martella, a 20-year-old member of the orchestra.

There are also more than a dozen furry wolf houses in the castle fields and surrounding wood fields. One member, Tracy Prado, said she saw three wolves while walking.

“I froze in fear but they were just playing in the fight and moving on,” he said.

The neighboring town of Rhinosburg welcomes most of the musicians, who socially distance themselves and stay at the base of the castle. The group lives in a guest house on the estate, which has a kitchen staff that throws food for their unplanned guests. People donated clothes to this group during their longer stay than expected.

Merzmusic, the festival that the orchestra was going to perform at, helped raise funds for the group. Director Barno Odo told the BBC that housing costs were as high as, 38,400 a month.

Some musicians are still able to communicate with their family members back home, but they say their temporary stay is far from over.

“People at home think we’re in a fairy tale. “I had hundreds of messages telling me to stop complaining and that I was living like a princess in a German castle,” Carlos said. “We feel abandoned.”

The BBC reports that the Bolivian embassy hopes to receive the orchestra on a return flight in early June.

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