September 23, 2021


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The original musical instrument developed by the composer Benot Jutras of the Cirque du Soleil

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Composer Benoit Jutras is developing a slate of original instruments for the stage and screen behind the many Sirku du Solil productions.

The first project will be a rock opera that identifies the Imperial family of Japan in the last days of World War II. The show, which has the title “十” (Japanese symbol for 10), was created to be edited entirely by an Asian company, including a gender-liquid cast.

Cirque du Soil is not involved with Jutras’ new work, although he frequently reunites with two circus collaborators: Harris Schapper and Taylor Jeff. Spar was involved with the troupe’s music department, and Jeffs has been a director of consulting since 2014.

The trio says their goal is to show stories outside of Hollywood-centric traditional thematic features.

“Our hope is that the smaller the degree we are able to achieve, the more we will have the opportunity to help restore the balance of the musical theater landscape,” Shipper said.

In “十” Jeffs said that listeners today may be surprised by the parallels of this show with the world.

“The unused story of the last days of World War II contains all the elements of a startling antihero story,” he said. “Reluctant about his position, the emperor of Japan alone had the power to end the dark ages of modern history. What effect does the weight of that energy have on one? ”

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Still a production from the upcoming musical of Jutras.

This initiative marks the first introduction of yutras in English language musical instruments. Outside of Cirque du Solil, he has composed music for several live shows, including “Le Rev” in Las Vegas, “House of Dancing Water” in Macau, China, and “The Han Show” in Wuhan, China. Although the epidemic has brought live entertainment to a standstill, Yutras believe the theater will help people recover from the challenging COVID-19 crisis.

“When the world’s theaters begin to reopen, we need to encourage our audiences to come back and rediscover the power of live performances,” he said. “When musical theater works, it’s a higher one that lasts a lifetime. Me and my colleagues are eager to contribute to this great medium.

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