September 20, 2021


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The return of the TIFF Award-winning talk festival, the fate of the movie theater

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The Toronto Film Festival’s Tribute Awards 2021 Harvest Saturday honorees gathered to discuss the success of their films and for some responsible human communication.

Recipients of the year, including Jessica Chastain, Benedict Cumberbatch, Dennis Villeneuve, Alanis Obomsouin, Ari Wagner, Dennis Gule and Dion Warwick – sat down at a news conference. Diversity The premiere venue is Roy Thomson Hall.

Chesten, who has so far received the TIFF Tribute Actor Award on screen for decades, saw the conference as a return home.

I came here ten years ago with a movie called ‘Tech Shelter’. It was the beginning of my career. It is It turned out to be an incredible festival to watch year after year. I’ve shot six movies in Canada, two in Montreal, so I think I’m Canadian, if you guys keep up with me, ”said the actor and producer who is unveiling his new film“ The Eyes of Tammy Faye ”. “On the ground this weekend.

Chasten’s fellow Tribute Actor Award-winning Cumberbatch called TIFF the best festival for communicating with audiences, saying the festival “brings that feeling, the out-of-street connection flash that was somewhat missing this year. Looks like it’s coming back.”

Two premieres in the town of Cumberbatch, the Venice winner of the Jane Campion “The Power of the Dog” and the Amazon studio title “The Electrical Life of Lewis Wayne.”

Just before the conference, Diversity Will Sharp, director of “Louis Wayne,” caught up with the star about the honor.

“As a painter, historical figure and husband, Louis Owen was a man who chose not to settle for the convention, to follow his heart despite the uncertainties of life. Working with a talented and dynamic actor like Benedict is crucial to keeping Louis Owen alive. Was and is very proud to honor him and the film here in Toronto at this special festival, ”Sharp said.

Obomswin, whose 52-year career as a documentary was primarily dedicated to sharing stories of the Canadian First Nations, told an emotional story about his acquaintance in cinema in the small town of his youth. Going through his filmography, Obomswin shares a trade secret: Before rolling any footage about him, he first records long, audio-only interviews.

“To this day, I’m still giving tough word interviews without a camera to listen to. For me, it’s sacred to hear. The best gift you can give people is their time, ”he said.

With only 0% in power, Roy Thomson’s crowd was thrilled to hear about his new documentary “Dion Warwick: Don’t Make Me Over” by Twitter sensation and music icon Warwick. The Grammy-winning Trailblazer revealed that he saw the film for the first time with his own hands at the Apollo Theater in New York.

“From the beginning until now what I would call the present time, looking at my growth, it was very interesting. There was a lot that I forgot. I enjoyed it, recognizing me. I am a good girl, ”she said.

Sitting next to Cumberbatch, Warwick revealed that one of his biggest Netflix on the coronavirus epidemic was “Sherlock Holmes”, where he starred.

“I’m very happy at the moment,” Cumberbatch said.

See the full press conference below, and read the full list of awards:

Jessica Chestain, TIFF Tribute Actor Award supported by the Tory family
Benedict Cumberbatch, TIFF Tribute Actor Award
Dennis Villeneuve, TIFF Ebert Director Award
Supported by Alanis Obomswin, Jeff Schol Award Participating Media in Impact Media
Arie Wagner, TIFF Variety Craftsman Award
Dennis Goulet, TIFF Emerging Talent Award presented by L’Oreal Paris and supported by MGM
Dion Warwick, TIFF Special Tribute Award

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