March 25, 2023


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The risk of shutting down Shakespeare’s Globe Theater due to carnivirus varies

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Shakespeare’s Globe Theater is in danger of being shut down and closed due to the Carnavirus epidemic, legislators in the United States have warned the government.

According to a committee representing the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS), the COVID-19 lockdown has resulted in Globe Hall endangering a number of cultural institutions in the United States.

The theater, located on the banks of the River Thames in London, temporarily closed its doors on March 16, when the country’s theaters and cinemas began to close due to the spread of their epidemic.

In written evidence to the DCMS committee, the theater said the current closure has had a devastating effect on its finances and poses the biggest threat to its future since it opened in 1999.

Globe CEO Neil Constable said Diversity: “We are proud to be a part of the United States National Identity and Landscape, and our survival as an organization depends on help from the government to get us through this lockdown period. We are not like any other independent institution, including the Academy, the Royal Albert Hall Mita receiving public funds, we are financially very precarious position. “

The constable says the Globe’s free-to-air productions have been viewed online by 1.9 million people on his YouTube channel, expressing a “huge hunger” for culture in times of national crisis. However, he warned the sector that “income cannot be replaced in this way.”

“Together we are determined to come back after this crisis. But the arts must be protected and we need urgent financial support to survive in any recognized form. “

Conservative MP Julian Knight, who chairs the committee, said in a letter to Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden that it would be a “tragedy” if the London Theater closed.

“Shakespeare’s Globe is not only a world-renowned institution and part of our national identity, but also a prime example of the contribution that industries make to our economy,” Knight said. “This kind of treasure will be a tragedy that will sink near the Kvid-19.”

He called on the government “to take action now and to stand on the shores of our cultural landscape slowly and slowly and slowly to find more funds to safeguard their rich past” . “

Knight added that other theaters and venues are facing “fights for survival and fights for an uncertain future” and lifting the lockdown does not “automatically” mean that things will return to normal in the creative arts.

The committee added that The Minak Theater, an open-air venue on the Cornish coast, provided written evidence that the lockdown met with the lowest point of the fiscal year, with the expected increase in visitors in the new season.

Outside the lockdown, the committee noted that Theater Royal Plymouth noted that reversing social distance costs with limitations on seating capacity may not be financially viable for larger scale venues, relying on high attendance figures.

Arts companies are entitled to government support, such as the Furlu Scheme, which was extended last week for another four months and loans.

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