October 16, 2021


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The Russian film crew is ready to take off with the first feature shot in space

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More than 60 years after the Soviet Union defeated the United States in orbit by launching its Sputnik satellite, a new space race is underway between the two rivals. And again, the Russians are claiming arrogance over Tom Cruise’s plans to make the first feature film to be shot in outer space before the upcoming িয়ন 200 million space epic.

“The Challenge” is the story of a Russian doctor who was sent to the International Space Station to save the life of an astronaut. If all goes according to plan, the production team will embark on a 12-day mission next month to pull off the historic first.

In collaboration with Russian space agency Roscosmos, public broadcaster Channel One and top studio Yellow, Black and White, “The Challenge” will be directed by Klim Shipenko, whose blockbuster comedy “Son of a Rich” starred in one of Russia’s highest-grossing films. Veteran screen and stage actor, who performed after a nationwide talent search last spring.

The production team received a crash course in space travel earlier this year at the Yuri Gagarin Center for Cosmonaut Training. On Thursday, a commission of medical and safety experts from the center approved the project to move forward.

Shipenko and Peresild talk of an October 5 orbital explosion.

At a news conference in Moscow on Thursday, Peresild said it was “too late” to fear cosmic work. “If you are afraid of wolves, you should not go to the forest,” he told reporters, “there is no time left for fear.”

Shipenko raised questions about the crew’s food in outer space, insisted they would have more variety than world-class restaurants, and scoffed at learning to use spoons in zero gravity.

Last year, NASA announced that it was partnering with Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Tom Cruise to shoot a film that would be partially filmed on the International Space Station. Directed by Doug Limon, the untitled film was rumored to have a budget of 200 200 million.

Roscosmos then announced its own plans to shoot an out-of-world feature, hoping to gain a lift before its Hollywood counterpart.

Cinema commissioner Konstantin Ernst, chief executive of Channel One, refuted the idea of ​​a new space competition to heat space, noting that “cinema is not a game.”

“We would have loved to have arrived at the International Space Station at the same time as Tom Cruise. We would have enjoyed a better photo shoot together,” Ernst said. Diversity.

“Since we have had the opportunity to travel there before, we will definitely use it,” said the Russian super-producer, comparing it to the first manned international space mission jointly conducted by the US and the Soviet Union in 1 man5.

Channel One will broadcast the launch on October 5 and will stream live in multiple languages ​​across its web platform. Ernst describes it as “a breathtaking reality show and an opportunity to attract millions of TV viewers.

“At the age of 12, I was a member of the Young Astronaut’s Club hoping to fly in space.” “Personally for me, it’s a childhood dream come true.”

It is not yet clear when the untitled feature of the cruise will be discontinued, but dual missions come amid a growing wave of amateur space exploration. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos exploded a rocket built by his company Blue Origin earlier this year, and on Wednesday, Musk’s SpaceX sent four Americans into orbit without a professional astronaut on board.

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