March 25, 2023


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The sisterhood of the bands on Tick Talk – variety

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At its core, the explosively popular short-form video app Tiktok is a platform built on trends: various dance, song and transformation challenges come and go, with seemingly rhymes or reasons for their popularity. During the quarantine, however, TicTac’s mysterious algorithm has become the champion of many more enduring things, with all the female bands advancing to the front of the “for you” page of the platform.

Four Diamonds, K Three Sisters, Taylor Red, Crimson Apple (pictured above), Kid Cyst and Avenue Beat are all six bands, all of which celebrate brotherhood in their own way. Although they differ in terms of musical instrument and type of content, they found Tiktok to be a life-changer when it comes to music careers. The app not only offered their platform and brought an audience judging by the feedback, it also inspired other young women to create their own content and even create their own bands.

Could these groups increase the success of “tick tock” so-called “girls bands”? Perhaps, they allow – but they expect more: to help change the long-standing notion that “girl bands” somehow mean “less musically worthy or legitimate”, a The viciously old notion that has been proven by recent interviews with Sister Act Hyme., Is still all prevalent.

“We definitely use ‘girl bands’ to describe ourselves, because we think it’s something unique,” said Sabel, a kidney sister. “It simply came to our notice then. We’ve found people we’ve befriended and felt most talented, and that’s why we’re together. “

Crimson Apple members are right to call it a “girl band” for now, but for a long time to come where the term is no longer relevant.

“We’re looking for a day where women’s bands are made more normal so people just say, ‘Oh, that’s really great. Team, ” Says lead singer Colby Benson.

They both agree that the popularity of their band on the ticket is a positive sign and a great opportunity to change the guardianship of a new generation especially when they all work together.

“A part of what all these female bands are doing is changing expectations and changing the expression behind it,” says kid sister drummer Beka Webster. “I almost find it important to make this distinction and to acknowledge the fact that we are all women because it is certainly an important part of my experience as a musician. However, he added, “It’s important to note that the look around the word ‘girl band’ must change.” “

In the UK, where the four diamonds came from, the term “girl band” ice was historically used to describe the singing / dancing of pop groups such as Spice Girls or Little Mix – in fact, the four diamonds of “X Factor” were made on Di 201 and Virgin-EMI records. Recognized Spice Girls themselves were the first all-female team since strongly empowering women. For that reason, they are called “Girl Bands”.

“We are very much in favor of feminism, girl power and we feel this kind of unity only when we are together,” said Caroline Alvarez of the group. “We’re literally like sisters, so we’re just about women’s empowerment.”

The four diamonds feel like Tick Tock has floated them in recent months, although traveling is unlikely. With more than 21,000 followers and 360,000 likes, they have become addicted to the app’s creative allowances and have come up with a number of challenges to accompany their “The Writer” and “Superstar” songs.

“I think the hatred towards tick tock is less and it is more acceptable,” said Sophia Safarian of the group. “Everyone is really great and they are very nice in the comments, so I’m all for it.”

The app features K3 sisters Kylen, Kelsey and Kristen Kasab with 1.6 million followers and 34.1 million likes. The K3 Sisters have been on the ticket since 2012 as self-described “Folk Pop with a Slightly Western Swing,” and this has increased their YouTube channel’s growth from 1,300 subscribers to 21,000, although their tick-tack page often refers to other interests such as ” Potter “focuses on the franchise and transformation challenges, but the followers they’ve followed from the app have undoubtedly become fans of their music.

“Before TickTock, we knew we could go out on stage and play for the audience and entertain them, but what we didn’t have was to reach national and international,” Kelsey tells Variety. “TickTock really gave us those fans, especially Harry Potter fans. Integrates with, because they are very loyal. “

Triplets Natalie, Nicole and Nick Taylor formed the country band Taylor Red. With 824,400 followers and more than 15 million likes, the 29-year-old has been playing together for almost 20 years, but they never felt the response they received on Tick Talk. They posted their first video on January 19th and are now consistently gaining about 20,000 followers every day, tracking one million of them by mid-July. Although their TicTac page is basically blank and contains other content related to the three topics, they live stream on the platform almost every day to perform their songs and answer fan questions, raising about 40,000 viewers in a single stream.

“We call our followers the Taylor Red Army because they’re so passionate, they’re so intense,” says Natalie. “Instagram can pick us up or leave us, but these guys are on every one of us live, they sign up for our text list, they’re inside us. He knows the joke. “

L.A. Based indie rock band Crimson Apple has 630,000 followers and 5.8 million likes on its platform. Known for their creative style and mash-ups of popular songs, Faith, Shelby, Colby and Carthy Benson have seen their ticks translate directly into Spotify streams. The first single they released after joining Ticket, “Break the Bad of Your Heart,” has more than 833,000 plays in just one month.

“Our Instagram has just gone through the roof and all of our streaming numbers have grown even more than before,” Shelby said. “She’s gone from a few thousand streams to 30, 40 and 50 thousand after she’s constantly ticking videos.”

You may not know it by their name, but the New York trio of Kid Sisters – Sarah Caden, Beka Webster and Sabel – are not actually sisters. Instead, each of them was brought together by the shared experience of being their own younger sister. In fact, their sisters help them film their one-time performance-style videos in Webster’s backyard, so that they can influence the songs of different artists that have influenced them. With 43,600 followers and 299,600 likes since January, they are coming July 17, using their tic-tac-toe cover to successfully promote several singles until their first EP.

Cadden explains, “We’ve released this tic tac toe a trending song by this artist Girl Red -” We Fall in Love in October “- June 5 when we just got a release called ‘Dallas’.” If you look at our audience on June 4, It’s about 400 and it’s gone 2,000 since the Girl hit the Red Video on June 5th. “

The country-pop trio Avenue Beat, featuring Sammy Benden, Savannah Santos and Sam Backoff, has gone viral, using tickets as a way to test new singles to 226,700 viewers one by one. On May 15, they posted a video that featured a sneak peek of an unpublished song “I Don’t Like Your True Boyfriend” – and a week later, with more than a million views and overwhelmingly positive feedback on the video, they released the single, which is already Has earned more than a million Spotify streams. Avenue Bit attributes their success in the app to the emphasis on original content as opposed to overall popularity.

“The importance is given less space to the clout and the periphery and to how many followers you have. It’s built around your content perfectly,” says Borden. “Like some people who just write these random songs that you’ve come across. They are literally just playing in their bedroom and shaking it and everyone likes it.

Crimson echoed the sentiments of Apple’s Shelby Borders, adding that both Tiktak’s artists and the fan community are ultimate supporters.

“There are really, really cool girl bands that we’re also noticing for tickets,” Shelby said. “TickTock has been able to put these people there that you wouldn’t normally find on your‘ for you ’page [means that] People are watching the girls’ bands now and thinking, ‘Hey, this is really cool, I’ll follow it.’

Another motivation for the presence of these bands in Tikt is inspiring their followers to form all-female bands.

“If they see other women playing musical instruments, they just have to be inspired,” says Natalie. “We want to do the same thing that inspired us to play.”

Kid Sister Sabel adds, “We’ve got a lot of comments, ‘It wants me to pick an instrument and learn how to play’ – or, ‘He concludes,'” It wants me to be in an all-time girl band. “

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