September 20, 2021


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The Sundance winner ‘Don’t Tell Your Mom’ gets the NYTimes premiere

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The New York Times Op-Docs initiative has selected short film Jury Award winner “Don’t Go Tell Your ‘Your Mother” for Non-Fiction at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival and it will be released on September 14 at

Directed by Topaz Jones and the filmmaker duo Rubberband (Jason Filmore Sandok and Simon Davis), the -minute film is inspired by a set of alphabet flashcards developed by a black teacher who presents “Black ABC” and discovers Jones’ teachings. Usually available to them as an alternative to Eurocentric teaching tools in Chicago in the 1970s. Jones is currently creating his own version of the updated Black ABCs for Black American Life, which features 26 scenes that serve as companions to Jones’ musical album of the same name.

Recognized by a special jury for telling dream stories at SXSW 2021, the film will premiere as part of the media company’s op-docs for independent filmmakers’ short documentaries.

“Don’t tell your mother,” Jones said, “has a heartfelt desire to preserve.” , To present this raw, unconventional exploration of thought and memory as a record of the intricate relationship of identity of black Americans. It inspires and inspires others for the next generation to discover their own self. ”

“We often think that when creating this work, we’ve created a three-dimensional object in a two-dimensional space েষ্টা an effort of a topaz-shaped hologram, loved by those who love them,” Rubberband added. “Thus, this film was the endeavor of a village man who believed we had a portrait of Pokhraj and how we made it. We’re talking about bringing the film home – we truly believe that there are physical cities and places in the world where this film is. Small huts and crane are carved into them where ‘don’t tell your mother’. Like Chicago. And Montclair. And eighth grade classrooms. And hot ass summer days, full of sweat. ”

“We are thrilled to release this borderline-pushing short film on Times Digital and mobile platforms,” ​​said Christine Ketcher, senior commissioning editor at Op-Docs. “Op-Docs has followed the film’s journey since its premiere in Sundance earlier this year, and we’re thrilled to be partnering with filmmakers to share this incredible work of visual and musical imagination with audiences around the world.”

“Don’t Tell Your Mom” ​​was co-produced by Smuggler Frenzy Paris, BWGTBLD GmbH and Section0. Luigi Rossi worked as a producer with Kevin Story Executive Producer, Eric J. McNeil’s Creative Direction and Choice Irwin’s Cinematography. Adam Elick creates executive op-docs.

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