October 25, 2021


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The UK Film, TV Production Restart Scheme has been extended by six months

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The UK government has announced that its film and TV production restart scheme, which was first unveiled in July 2020, has been extended for another six months amid the ongoing epidemic.

Applications for the scheme will remain open until April 30, 2022, providing claim cover until June 30, 2022.

The goal is to support more than 400 productions. In just over a year, the scheme has helped more than 400 film and TV projects – including “Picky Blinders” season and “Mothering Sunday” – cost £ 1. billion billion dollars (.6 2.6 billion).

Three months later, the project now supports 355 UK productions, valued at উৎপাদন 2.3 billion (.. 3.1 billion) in production costs, and more than, 000,000 jobs saved.

According to government forecasts, the extension will cost 1.2 billion ($ 1.6 billion) in production and will save about 34,500 jobs.

From 1 November, however, the scheme fee will be increased to 2.5% to “ensure that current demand in the UK manufacturing industry is maintained while balancing the need for taxpayers to pay.”

The government has also confirmed that the UK Global Screen Fund has awarded the independent film and screen sector around million 1 million ($ 1.3 million) to help screen international films.

“Our world’s top film and TV industry supports hundreds of thousands of jobs জন্য which is why it helped us re-emerge and run it as part of our employment plan,” said Ishi Shi Sunak, Chancellor of the Treasury.

“It’s great that by expanding the film and TV production restart scheme, we’re rolling out more productions, job support across the UK, and the confidence to produce all our favorite movies and TV productions.”

“Our brilliant film and TV industry is creating jobs, investing and selling the UK to both big and small screens worldwide,” said Nadine Doris, newly installed culture secretary. “Together the UK Global Screen Fund and the UK Film and TV Production Restart Scheme are creating new opportunities in the sector and helping British talent and creativity develop, grow and reach a global audience, while protecting and supporting our brilliant producers and screen businesses across the country. “

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