February 5, 2023


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‘The Wandering Earth 2’ Australia Theatrical Launch Set

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CMC Pictures will launch a 40-screen (30 venue) in Australia and New Zealand of “The Wandering Earth 2,” a sci-fi film expected to be one of the biggest Chinese movies of the year.

It will open in Australia and New Zealand on January 22, the first full day of the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday, and will coincide with its release in mainland Chinese theaters.

The film, a prequel to “The Wandering Earth,” grossed nearly $700 million and broke new ground for Chinese cinema that had previously enjoyed little success with locally produced sci-fi titles.

In the near future, after learning that the Sun is rapidly burning up and will destroy Earth in the process, humans build massive engines to propel the planet to a new solar system, beyond the reach of the Sun’s flames. However, the journey into space is dangerous, and mankind’s last shot at survival will depend on a group of young men and women to become brave and carry out a dangerous, life-or-death operation to save Earth.

Both films are adapted from novels by Liu Cixin (“The Three Body Problem”) and directed by Fran Go. Production expanded to include locations in China, Iceland and New York.

The cast includes Wu Jing (“Wolf Warrior,” “The Meg 2”) Li Xuezian, Sha Yi, Ning Li, Wang Zhi, Zhuan Manji and a special appearance by Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau.

CMC Pictures will promote the film’s release with four premiere events in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide, and has brought together more than 100 Chinese brands to sponsor and promote the event.

The first film was distributed by CMC Pictures in North America, Australia and New Zealand in 2019. WellGoUSA is handling the release of the second film in North America. Trinity Syneasia has the image for the UK and Ireland. International rights (outside Southeast Asia, Hong Kong-Macau, Australia, Middle East and Africa) are handled by Beijing-based Blossom Films.

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