October 16, 2021


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The Zurich Film Festival invites its viewers to #letSEXplore

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In its fourth “hashtag” section, #letSEXplore, the Zurich Film Festival will explore sexuality and aspiration. Through films that have already generated heated discussion (Ninja Thaiberg’s “Pleasure,” Radu Jude’s Berlinale winner “Bad Luck Bang or Luni Porn”) as well as those that are worth rediscovering, Alex Liu’s documentary “A Sexplanation” (pictured), at the festival Ready to celebrate European premiere.

Other titles include George Peter Barbary’s “Death of a Virgin, and the Scene of Not Living”, Jacques Adiard’s Cannes title “Paris, the 13th District”, Maria Finitzor’s documentary “Dilaima of Desire” and Hadas Ben Auror’s “All Ice of Me”. . ”

“When it comes to sex, people are very interested, but they’re also a little cautious,” said programmer Christine Albrecht. “There’s this duality, because almost everyone has done it but it’s a difficult time for people to be open about it. It’s 2021! Maybe we can finally talk about sex.

Instead of focusing on the clear scene, the festival team has decided to spotlight films that normalize sex.

“Healthy. Reflective. Generalization – We used those words when managers discussed ways to communicate with sex,” Albrecht said, referring to the diverse approaches and characters of selection. “We certainly don’t think when we think about sex and desire. Just like the protagonist of “Because of My Body” – an Italian doc – a young woman suffering from Spina Bifida, who learns how to feel her body in a new way with the help of “lovers”.

“We forget that people with disabilities also have aspirations,” Albrecht notes.

“When you’re a kid, when you ask your parents about sex, they tell you to wait until you get older. But then it can be too late. I’ll just watch again. [the original] For ‘Gossip Girl’ and its female characters, their virginity is something you ‘give’ and then you lose it. It’s an old way of approaching it and it’s still valid today, “he added.

“There was a male vision in the movie. The female bodies were so exposed and as a female in the audience, you felt it. I think it has changed. After #MeToo, all gauges have a place to exist.

A workshop on intimacy on set with Focal Coordinator Chun Mei Tan, as well as a ZFF talk inspired by “The Dilaima of Desire”, “Let’s Talk for the Female Sex” will be organized by Focal. Held on Sept. 2, it will feature speakers such as medical historian Sara Shedmantel and Animari Schumacher Dimech of the Women’s Brain Project.

“We are almost shocked to learn that #letSEXplore’s mission is fully consistent with ‘A Sexplanation’: to normalize conversations about sex,” said director Alex Liu. Diversity.

“We also wanted to point out that the complexity of your sexuality does not fit well into the created sections of society. Gay, straight or bi? Why not vanilla? This thinking is diminished – it causes many of our humanity to hide, suppress or fear.

Through his films, where he traces his own journey, Liu wanted to empower viewers to feel more comfortable discussing sex and to take ownership of the pleasure that sex offers them, noting that much progress has been made since he first started shooting. .

“People have become Xavier, more open and increasingly acceptable. Overall, they have become more sexually literate and I mean it literally: we have a good vocabulary that makes this kind of conversation possible, partly the work of social movements around sexual health that are represented in the media, politics. And finally the daily discussion, “he said,” humor is a powerful tool to soothe tensions. ”

“When it comes to discussing sex and sexuality, people become uncomfortable and ashamed. Instead of verifying these frightening feelings, we wanted to allow the audience to laugh at the irrationality of humanity. Embrace the awkwardness and show that this kind of research, including talking about your sex life with your own mother and father, is not disastrous, ”he added.

“Naturally, being a human being is a sexual entity. It is inevitable. And it’s beautiful. ”

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