September 22, 2021


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Theaters could reopen in Falls, says Dr Fausi Concert Venue

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Dr. Anthony S. Fawcett, a top infectious disease specialist in the United States, said he believed that concert venues and theaters could reopen “sometime in the fall of 2021” depending on the effectiveness of the vaccination process, and warned that audiences should wear masks and practice social distance. May suggest that visitors still need to wear the mask for some time

“If all goes well, it will happen sometime in the fall of 2021, so that you can keep people performing on stage and make the audience feel good until we get from mid-autumn to mid-autumn,” Fawcett said, according to the New York Times. Up to 75% depending on the vaccine. In addition to vaccinations, Fawcett said venues and theaters need to take extra security precautions, especially if they do not have effective ventilation. He made the remarks at a conference hosted by the Association of Performing Arts Professionals on Saturday.

Everything is fine, of course, a big “if.” At a time when vaccines were starting to take shape, the Trump administration’s response to the epidemic was nothing short of catastrophic, and the entire population, not to mention the economy, was severely affected.

The live-entertainment industry has been devastated by the epidemic, with most places almost gone if not completely closed since March. The ‘Save Our Stage Act’ passed late last month as part of the government’s larger COVID-19 relief bill would bring about আসবে 10 billion in relief to America’s independent concert venues, although their situation remains dire.

Fawcett said that if the vaccine delivery was successful, theaters with good ventilation and suitable air filters could “then begin to return to almost full seating capacity,” he said. He encouraged venue operators to study their ventilation systems and protocols, citing a German study at an indoor concert conducted by scientists in August, which suggested that such events had a “minimal to minimal” effect on virus transmission until organizers reported enough. Ventilation, strict hygienic protocols and limited capacity ensured. He added that venues could adopt the rules of the airline industry and that visitors needed to provide negative test results in order to gain admission.

Despite the deadly blow the epidemic reached directly into the entertainment-industry, Fouss’s comments were enthusiastic in nature. “We’ll be back in theaters – the actors will act, the audience will enjoy it,” he said. “It will happen.”

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