October 25, 2021


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There is no time to die, Ben Hishao says, the James Bond movie needs a radical change

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Welcome to this week’s “Just for Diversity”.

With Daniel CraigWith James Bond’s reign ending with “No Time to Die”, it could be the perfect moment to give the franchise an overhaul. Maybe the next James Bond could be female, black or prank? “If they want to continue with this character and franchise, I think you can explode it and do something,” Ben Hisao, Who asks the fifth question in the latest installment, tells me in this week’s episode of the “Just for Variety” podcast. “I don’t know what it should be, but I think it should be something quite radical, something really different. It needs to change; That needs to change. We are at a different time now. He knows this will not be an easy task. “There will always be people who want it to be the same as before and they are important, because they like these movies,” Hishao said. “But I think you can do both. You can respect the character and the history, and you can take it further. And I think, you have to do it, if it doesn’t just become part of a kind of museum.

Whistle also said he was relieved the studio insisted the film should be released exclusively in theaters. “I’m happy for any film to be released in cinema, but I especially think of something like that,” he said. “It simply came to our notice then. It’s something about scale, majesty, its whole experience. ”

“No Time to Die” hits theaters in the United States in October after its world premiere tonight in London.

Until then, you can see Whistle in “Serge”, where he plays Joseph, an airport security screener who becomes a no-hinging sound and goes on a crazy crime trend across London. There is little conversation between Joseph and his co-worker or his abducting parents except for a few conversations. “It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea,” Hishao said of the film, which awarded him the World Cinematic Dramatic Special Jury Award for his performance at Sundance. “Some people don’t want to be in that organization, they don’t want to be in that kind of power. And I understand that. Some people, however, will tap into something they feel. ”

On the complete opposite side of the cinematic spectrum, Whistle and I discussed the status of the third “Paddington” movie. He is again signed in the voice of the toy bear. However, he has not seen a script yet. Shooting is set to begin next year.

Listen to the full interview with Whishaw above. You can find “just for variety” on Apple podcasts or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.


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Courtesy Michael Desmond / Amazon Prime Video

Jennifer Love Hewitt Amazon’s “I’m Not What You Dead Last Summer” is set to appear, a new show based on its iconic 1997 horror movie. However, JLH decided to avoid it because he was not interested in flying to Hawaii during the epidemic. Still, Shaw-Runner Sarah Goodman Tells me that there are some Easter eggs associated with Whit and some of the other main cast members scattered throughout the eight-episode series Sarah Michelle District, Freddie Prinze Jr. And Ryan Philip. “None of them are in it,” Goodman said. “We didn’t go to any of them, but there is little indication that they could be in the universe.” Goodman admits he initially said “I know what you did last summer.” “I think when you’re going to make a headline that has this kind of heat behind it, that really defines that era, I wanted to make sure I could bring something that doesn’t seem to be a fuck to modern – you did it because The eight episodes running Man have become obsolete, ”Goodman said. But then he came up with a story involving twin sisters (starring) Madison Isman) On the verge of high school graduation which he may get behind, but respects the core of a fatal accident coverup: “I thought how could it be done as part of a character, but not everyone will hate me with enough shouts in the movie.” Boy Ezekiel Goodman. “He said,‘ I think I should audition for your show, ’” Sarah recalls. “But I was like, ‘You’re not going to my show.’ Then everyone was, ‘You really have to see his audition.’ ‘She’s this.’


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Blicker Street

Blake Street’s “Mass,” an emotionally intense drama about two couples (Jason Isaacs And Martha Plimpton; Reed Barney And Ann Dawood) Was brought together by a horrific tragedy shot just eight days after two days of rehearsals. “We all knew we had $ 12 and only 16 minutes to make this movie,” Plimpton said. Sarah PaulsonHosted screening of the film in London West Hollywood on 26 September. None of the actors knew each other before production began, but Dowd said he immediately “knew I loved them and I believed them. I think it’s rare for that to happen so quickly.”

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