October 25, 2021


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Thomas Augsburger’s Eden Rock Media: ERM Docs, ‘Rediscovering Minajur’

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Los Angeles-based producer Thomas Augsberger is launching a new documentary section on his Eden Rock music label, ERM Docs, with the first title, “Reinventing Mirage”, to have its world premiere at the San Sebastian Festival.

A portrait of the extraordinary daring adventure of Argentine-born chef Mauro Colagreco, whose three Michelin star restaurants, Mirajur, on the Mediterranean coast of France, were awarded as the best restaurants in the world, “Renventing Miramar” by French filmmaker Franানois Franোনois. Prominent producer in the French and Spanish genre scenes (“Cell 211,” “Abducted”), they have embarked on a parallel second career as director-writers of Netflix’s high-quality culinary doc-feature titled “Steak Revolution.” And “A la Récherche des femmes chefs.”

Also in the ERM Docs pipeline are portraits of “Bonnie”, the famous casting agent Bonnie Timmerman, directed by Simon Wallon and produced with Amanda Stars; And “Form Dock,” about the Form Arcosanti Film and Arts Festival, which is held annually in Arcosanti, Arizona, hosted by Vicente Heikok and produced with the Stars.

“Reconstruction Mirage” was born in December 2019 when Ribeiro and Veran offered a documentary to Augustberger on “The World’s Best Chef”, Kolagreco won a title when Reed Media’s 50 Best Crown was awarded to Menton France’s Mirage France as the world’s best restaurant in June 2019. .

Production began from Kolagreco to Tokyo with Ribayer and Frediani where he cooked for six days on the Cook Japan project and then returned to Miramara.

There, when the Covid-1st hit in March 2020, the documentary, at best, took its own life because Kolagreco used the lockdown to tear down its menu, and not only his proposal but the very idea, was attached to it. Dedication to the principles of biodynamics.

Businesses around the world, especially restaurants, have stopped fully funding to “re-imagine Miraj”, so the onset of the global epidemic led to two sources willing to finance a film production: Swiss investor Santis Media Distribution and LA-based Front Burner. , Owned and operated by Schuler Ransohoff and Wes Fluchhaus.

Many three-star Michelin restaurants are “so concerned about having their third star that they don’t want to change anything,” Augsberger commented. “Kolagreko has changed everything. That’s really awesome. One of the things that excites me is going to travel with someone like that. ”

Augustberger has created live action across the group from cult horror comedy (“Tucker and Dale Versus Evil”) to “Originally Studio Movie” (“Mr. Brooks”) and the satirical “Incident on Loch Ness” and the foreign shot “Spy City” (AMC Plus). And TV shows like “Professional” (CW). “I’ve done almost everything that can be financed in the independent sector,” he said.

So why the current documentary focus? It shows a passion for equal parts opportunity, Covid-1 and creative production.

In 2019 he began to focus on documentary production, financing and production in partnership with Stored Media Group when he partnered with Gibbon’s Jigsaw Productions to develop and produce Alex Gibbon’s “Crime of the Century”. It premiered on HBO Max last May in a brilliant review. Diversity It’s called “scattered”.

“Really, I did nothing but persuade it,” Augsberger said. But “Crime of the Century” gave him the confidence to make “Reinventing Mirage” with Ribeiro and Frediani when they made him stand, he said.

Here, Augsburger was fully involved as a producer co-financier. He will now assist in international distribution: the global rights to the “re-invented mirage” are available and are represented by Eden Rock Media.

Three new docs have arrived “one after the other”, their unruly part due to the difficulty in creating live action under Covid-1 under. “It turned out to be a great opportunity for me to spend time in the documentary during Covid-1 during because they were all shooting and posting, many other projects didn’t go ahead.”

What the three documentaries have put together is a sense of creativity and personal journey, focusing on the subject or the filmmakers.

“I told a friend I didn’t know what I was doing at Docs. And he said they all seem to have a common thread: ‘You’re traveling as one person and they’re admirable people in their own right for a variety of reasons.’

“Bonnie” will have exclusive access to 20,000 casting tapes from the last 40 years of her career that she donated to Boston University. It covers her relationship with Michael Mann, who appeared in the documentary, the first high-profile casting, such as Liam Nisson in his first U.S. role and the promotion of his minority.

How fast will ERM docs grow? It will depend on the preliminary results, says Augsberger. But he admits he’s involved.

“I like this world. As a producer you are much more creatively involved in a documentary than a feature or as a non-television television producer,” he said.

He added: “Documentary research lends itself more to improvement. You have to adapt to your subject and if the subject and the story take you in a certain direction, you have to go that way.

“Form Dock” is an important topic. Fellow Amanda Stars and Augsburger decided in mid-2019 to trust and “go on a journey” with Vincent Heik, a promising young filmmaker who has deep roots in the music industry.

“He revealed our idea five days before the Live Form Festival in Arizona and we said ‘yes’, raised money for the shooting for him and three weeks later Vince came back with awesome concert footage and a few nice interviews.”

Currently, Augsburger is raising money again for Heikk to return to Arcosanti in 2022. He will meet some people and places again in three years. “So the journey went longer than expected but we think it will be worth it.”

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