September 20, 2021


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TIFF Discovery ‘Low Invisible’ Bose Trailer, Sale with Tropico Cine

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The Ecuador-based Tropico Cine highlights the international sales rights for Javier Andra’s play “Low Invisible.” This is the second feature on Android after his breakout film “The Porcelain Horse”, which represented Ecuador at the 201st Academy Awards.

“Low invisible,” which lowers his trailer exclusively DiversitySeptember 12 will be its world premiere.

Lucas Telfire, CEO and co-founder of Tropico Scene, said: “After seeing it as a work at a film festival in Ecuador, we started tracking ‘Low Invisible’ and were still impressed by its power.

“It’s an elegant film that works with a theme that has just been explored in Ecuadorian cinema; Anahi Hoenisen’s performance is equally spectacular, ”he added. Tropico Cine has handled Latin American gems such as “Alba”, “Neon Bull” and “Birds of Passage”.

Hoenisen, the play’s co-author with Android, plays a woman who returns from a psychiatric clinic where she was treated for her severe postpartum depression. But despite being covered by her glamorous high-rise palace staff as well as husband and friends, she struggles to return to her role as the wife of the perfect high society and feels that no one but her sage really sees her and the magical nanny, completely non-pro, in Matilda Starring Lagos.

In contrast to the features of his first fiction, Android preferred to focus on the story of a woman. “‘The Porcelain Horse’ was set up on the coast, with more masculine power, a shaky camera and a voiceover. For that, I want a quieter, more intense film with a female lead and set in the highlands of Sierra, Ecuador,” he said. “Anahi is confident and knows how to help me navigate these feminine places in the world of Ecuador’s high society,” she said.

Lovely home is an integral part of the film. “The room is filled with mirrors, windows and glossy surfaces that allow us to portray Anahi in a way that reflects her character’s broken emotional state,” Andred noted.

The trailer opens with a shot of Anahi’s character Louiser, as she suppresses her painful screams and is later seen wearing her cool outfit for dinner. The camera focuses on her elegant nap and she goes to a dinner party she does hosting.

Hoenisen’s real-life husband, Daniel Andrade (who has nothing to do with Xavier) worked as a cinematographer, which contributed to a closer look at the scene. “He knew his best and worst angles,” he said.

Although it was filmed before the epidemic, “Low Invisibility” was performed during the global health crisis that affected the final outcome. “It’s a film full of pain and our sense of isolation and uncertainty during the lockdown has affected our editing,” Andred said, adding that the film continues to write itself during the post. He credits his Uruguay-based editors Fernando Epstein and Han-Lovis Skartvit for “removing the essence of the scene and simplifying the structure of the film.”

“The emotion lies in the acceptance,” he added.

Android’s next film, in which he is still looking for a production partner, “Loretta Young and the Monsters” is completely different again. He describes it as a cross between “Carrie” and Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s magical reality, “the story of a teenage heartbreak in a fishing village in Ecuador.”

“Low Invisible” is produced by Andrade’s Punk SA, along with Quito-based La McQuinita and France’s Promenades Films.

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