April 2, 2023


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Tiffany Haddish, Lil Reel Hawari Black Lives Matter Protect Speech – Variety

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Actors Tiffany Hadis and Lil Riley Hawary on Friday at the iconic L.A. Comedy Club Laughter joined the protest of a Black Women lead outside the factory, both giving strong speeches in support of the Black Live Matter movement.

TV show “The Last OG.” The most well-known for its role in the movie Haddish and movies like “Girls Trip” and “Night School” spoke out against police brutality and white opportunity.

“I am tired of being shot outside by my brother. “I’m really tired of all this violence,” Haddish said. “I really believe in the ability to stop someone. Talk to you and then go your way. Why can’t we just do it now? I just want to deceive and intimidate the police.” I don’t want to be like that. “

Despite the ongoing racial injustices, Hadith pointed to a brighter future for black people.

“I want to empower the people, I want power for the people, I want the people to be able to help us make laws that will protect us.” “I want us to be able to improve and succeed and our children to be healthy. I just want the best for all of us. “

Pukey Wigington, a film producer and president of Heartbeat Productions, also spoke at the protest and paid tribute to Hawari.

“I saw a young man in the audience and I know he doesn’t want to tell me his name, but I do, anyway, because he’s the one I call the future,” Wigington said. “The man has a voice. The man is a businessman. This guy is going to make a difference because they don’t let many of us go through the door. “

Hawary, known for his work on “The Carmichael Show” and “Get Out”, gave a sentimental talk on how Black Lives Matter is not a movement, but how life is.

“I know that when we go back to work we will be interested in making money again and these – but that’s our way of life now,” Hawari said. “I was just telling my friend, just like you’re planning a brunch, I want to be able to go to my friend, ‘Oh, I protested at 12:00.’

He also stressed the need to diversify all aspects of Hollywood, from the writer’s room to the crew and hair makeup.

“Actors, producers, directors – anyone out there entertaining now it’s time to put more pressure on them to diversify these writers’ rooms for real. Do real production with more blacks among them,” Hawari said. “If we’re doing a black show, I shouldn’t have this motherfucker that Black doesn’t tell me what kind of light should be put on my face.”

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