March 21, 2023


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Tiger King signs licensing deal, releases new Carol Baskin song – Variety

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The band behind the song featuring Netflix’s wildly popular “Tiger King” is finally getting their share in the spotlight.

Half of the Clayton-Johnson band, Vince Johnson, who tried to compose and compose the Joe Exotic song on his own, has officially signed a global licensing and distribution agreement with BMG Rights Management and Create Music Group. The deal includes classics like “I Saw a Tiger” and “My First Love”.

The deal was signed despite the Vince Johnson band, not the Clinton-Johnson band, as Johnson’s music partner Daniel Clinton died of a heart attack last year. Johnson is about to release a compilation album featuring all the songs that appeared on “Tiger King” that he and Clinton wrote under this name.

Johnson will also release a number of new tunes, including “Killer Carroll,” which were uploaded to YouTube on May 23 and are available on the streaming service today. The song remains within the style and theme of the features featured in the documentary, and praises the conspiracy that Ecstasy’s enemy, Carol Baskin, used to feed her husband for tigers abroad.

Johnson made his first headline shortly after the release of “Tiger King,” when he told TMZ that he and Clinton had voices behind the song, which was released as documentary ecstasy. In the article, Johnson mentioned the expectation of getting a record deal from the fame of his tiger-themed song – and even if the licensing deal isn’t, it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

“No previous recordings of Johnson’s music were approved, but once these recordings are released, the cover versions will become legal,” the contract declaration said in a statement. “This is Johnson’s first release deal and this is the band’s first recording deal for these songs and others he composed.”

Marie Plutas, A&R at Create Music Group, says: “Vince’s music has become a part of the biggest television event of the year. We are thrilled to be working with an artist who creates such powerful viral moments through his songs. “

Johnson was represented by Steve Trumposh, Business Manager, Launchpad Media / Artists Alliance. Mark Jacobson, who acted as attorney for Johnson, said, “The BMG team impressed me with their faith in my lyricist. We look forward to a long relationship with them. The people who created it were enthusiastic about releasing this music and I am glad to do business with them. “

Listen to Vince Johnson’s “Killer Carroll” below.

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