September 18, 2021


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Times Up Kuomo seeks help after first complaint: report

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The Times Up, a women’s organization started by Hollywood A-listers that has been embroiled in controversy recently, has decided against publicly supporting the first accused, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

According to a new report in the Washington Post, Times Up leaders worked closely with Cuomo’s office when Lindsay Boylan, her first sexual harassment complainant, came forward.

The expo goes into detail, delivering a so-called text message from December 2020, when Kuomo’s allegations hit first, among the leaders of the organization, including the incumbent president and CEO Tina Tichen, who told her staff to “stand down” to issue a public statement in support of Boylan.

Diversity The Washington Post report did not approve the validity of the printed text message. The Times did not respond DiversityRequest for comment Wednesday night.

However, the Times Up Board released a statement to the Post stating that the organization is “committed to an independent review of our past activities, our current work as well as the processes necessary to advance our mission and to improve.” The result of a public review.

The story of the post comes from the Times Up and its leader Tichen – who previously held several jobs at the Obama White House and was Michelle Obama’s chief of staff – was in crisis.

The firm is currently in the process of interviewing outside consulting firms, Diversity Learned, to conduct an internal assessment. According to sources, the consultant is expected to be brought in earlier this week, although meetings and interviews are ongoing.

Earlier this week, an emergency meeting was called in the Times Up. Multiple sources said after the meeting Diversity That Tichen would remain in his position and had a strong support for him, despite compromises with the group and the New York Attorney General’s bombing report, which found that Kuomo sexually harassed 11 women and involved the Times Up in handling the allegations.

The attorney general’s investigation revealed that Melissa DeRosa, the law firm of Roberta Kaplan, the founder of the Times Up, represented a former Kuomo colleague who helped Boylan create the smacking letter. AG noticed that Kaplan also talked to DeRosa about a draft letter that would respond to Boylan’s allegations, which he then read to Tichen. The investigation described the letter as part of an “illegal retaliation” against Boylan.

After the report, Kapalan resigned, amid the screams of people surviving sexual harassment. Since Kaplan resigned, Tichen said he did not remember the details of his conversation with Kaplan and did not know that the letter was insulting to any woman.

When Boylan accused Cuomo, former governor Covid-1 was being touted by Hollywood for his leadership during the crisis, and was parading in TV outlets in the wake of a series of victories. At the time, Kuomo’s name repeatedly surfaced as a potential future presidential candidate, and in the early days of the epidemic he was also rewarded with an Emmy for using television as a means of providing information to the public. (This week, the International TV Academy stripped him of his prize for sexual harassment.)

On Monday this week, an internal meeting was called between members of the Times Up board, following a story in the New York Times last weekend that revealed more details about working closely with Kaplan DeRosa, alleging that he was next to Cuomo’s office. To support one of his defendants.

At the meeting, insiders say Tichen apologized to board members and said he never contacted the governor directly. According to those present at the meeting, Chechen spoke in a forthcoming tone, saying he had strong support and had no plans to resign. (Earlier this week, a spokesman for the Times Up confirmed the matter Diversity That Tchen has no plans to resign.)

But even so, while many survivors strongly support Chechen, some victims are strongly calling for Chechen to be expelled from the Times. In fact, after the Attorney General’s investigation, the survivors of the sexual harassment wrote an open letter, saying that the agency had failed them.

With the story in the Washington Post, more gruesome details about Tichen are known.

According to reports, Tichen texted several leaders in his group that he did not think it would be appropriate for the Times Up to issue a statement commenting on Boylan’s allegations. In particular, Fox News was the outlet for asking the Times up to comment at the time.

Board member Hillary Rosen, vice chair of communications firm SKDK, told the Post on Wednesday that she did not want to make “serious allegations of sexual harassment” politics, noting that Fox News had a “reputation for doing this.”

According to the Post, Tichen wrote in one of his books: “I agree with intelligence [sic] The story with Hillary this survivor is everywhere. ”

On Wednesday, Tichen told the Post, “I was referring to the fact that Lindsay’s story was in all the news. I wasn’t saying I distrusted Lindsay.

Towards the post, in another text, Tchen reported sending the group about a possible media statement. “Just saw the statement and am not sure I like it [sic] He deserves to be heard. “He was in a context where he wanted to hear so no one should say he shouldn’t speak but the way he’s not speaking doesn’t mean he wants to hear more. So I won’t say anything right now. ”

In another, he reports that Kaplan contacted DeRosa. “Robbie is now talking directly to Melissa. Let’s stop other efforts for now,” Chechen said in a text message.

Tichen responded to the story in Wednesday’s post by explaining that the Times Up decided not to issue a statement of public support for Boylan when it filed a complaint against the governor, but said the agency had asked Cuomo’s office to conduct an internal review of their workplace.

“We also suggested that the governor’s office respond by reviewing their workplace culture. In the end, we decided not to comment in accordance with our policy, but did not intend to silence Mrs. Boylan or anyone who survived, “Tichen told the Post in part.” They are frustrated and betrayed. That was not my intention. “

Boylan called on Tichen to resign and told his attorney post that the agency needed to do better.

Although the Times Up did not respond immediately DiversityAsked to comment tonight, Tichen issued a statement earlier this week Diversity, Promised that he would prioritize survivors and believed in the mission of his organization to do so.

“Leadership, between our staff and our community, who represent different experiences and perspectives, who are actively involved in how to move forward,” Tichen said. Diversity Exclusively Monday, after the internal meeting. “We are grateful for their leadership that helps prepare us to move forward in a way that addresses losses and focuses on the needs and leadership of the surviving community that we want to serve. We know that we have not done our best work in the past, but we are committed to ensuring that our process and the work that arises from it will be informed by survivors at every step.

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