September 21, 2021


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Timur Bekmambetov unveils screenlife title slate in Toronto

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Russian-Kazakh multi-hyphenate Timur Bekammbetov has teamed up with Marvista Entertainment, Endeavor Content and Pulsar Content to form an alliance of Sylhetite films in its leading screenlife format that will be presented to buyers in the TIFF market.

Bekmambetov said Diversity During the Toronto Film Festival, the rapid growth of screenlife films, critical acclaim, and box-office success যা which almost entirely takes place on smartphone and computer screens করুন prove that the format is “more than just a hoax.”

“For the first time, the presence of a screenlife movie in such a large film market is so prominent,” he said. “Just a few years ago, film festivals and art events were just one or two [Screenlife] Pictures on programs or sales slates, but now it is already making and promoting dozens of movies set on multiple computer studios and distributors screens on a computer or smartphone.

Two of the six titles that Bekmambetov and his partners are repeating in Toronto have already had success on the festival circuit: “R # J” (pictured), a modern reunion of “Romeo and Juliet”, which premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and won at SXSW. Was done; And “#BLUE_WHALE”, a debut horror film about the online suicide game from debutant Russian director Anna Zaytseva, which premiered at the Fantasia Film Festival.

Among the four new projects presented, Diversity The first screenlife comedy, starring Internet sensation Logan Paul and Sam Larner, to star in ABC’s hit comedy series “The Goldberg” and Blumhouse’s “Truth or Dare”, may be the first screenplay comedy to be released. Alicia Debnam-Kerry (“Fear the Walking Dead”)

Currently in post-production, “Resurrection” is a high-concept thriller, starring Dave Davis (“The Vigil”), set for a dystopian future, where the Catholic Church has learned to raise the dead. Directed by Russian director Igor Baranov, who quickly rose between the Russian bio hit trilogy “Google” and Netflix’s “Sparta” series, “Resurrected” is a joint production of Bekmambetov’s Bezelev, Logical Picture and Pulsar content.

“#FBF”, starring Ashley Judd and Cree Sichino, is a new YA drama that follows a teenager who accidentally takes his mother’s laptop to see his father in New Jersey and discovers the world of shopping, snooping and sabotage. The film is co-produced by Bazelevs, MarVista Entertainment and Particular Crowd.

The horror film “Unfollow” is also being presented in Toronto.

Bekmambetov describes screenlife films as a response to the ubiquitous presence of digital technology in our daily lives and an attempt to find dramatic excitement while spending time on our screens. The first screenlife release, “Unfriendly”, was picked by Universal and grossed 2015 65 million worldwide in 2015. This was followed by “Searching” starring Debra Messing and John Cho, which was acquired by Sony Pictures and grossed $ 75 million. Bekmambetov was a producer of both films.

In 2019, Bekmambetov launched Interface Films, a production company with Igor Ser, who worked as an executive producer at “Inquiry”. “R # J” was the first major project to come out of the partnership.

“We see how screenlife films don’t fail to attract viewers, it’s the classic details of modern retelling promotions on the screens of our devices, such as ‘R # J’ or ‘Roxy’, or completely new stories that resonate digitally with our existence,” Tsay said. We are thrilled to be partnering with major film distributors to pave the way for new digital filmmaking. “

“Roxy,” “Unfollowed” and “R # J” are part of the three image slates that Endeavor is selling content and interface films. “Resurrected” is represented by pulsar contents. Sales of “#FBF” are handled by Marvista and Endeavor. “#BLUE_WHALE” represents Mirsand.

Other upcoming screenlife titles include the next installment of Sony Pictures’ “Searching” franchise, Storm Reed (“Euphoria”), and Universal’s untitled screenlife sci-fi thriller, starring Eva Longoria and Ice Cube. Bekmambetov has produced two films.

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