September 21, 2021


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Todd Rundgren says he also worked on Kanye West’s ‘Danda’, to no avail

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Todd Rundgren, who is set to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, does not think he will see Kanye West join there. “I’m one of the few artists not on Connie’s album,” Rundgren said in a new interview – but it didn’t happen because he didn’t ask. Rocker says he was invited to participate in “Danda” and even “my computer” has valuable Kanye stalks from three albums “

“I keep calling Kanye to add a voice to the record,” said artist-producer Ultimate in a new interview with Classic Rock. When it entered Homestretch in July, I just said, ‘That’s enough for me. I have no idea which of these is being used. ‘You don’t get too much feedback from him on what it is. Not that he had any objections to the tone of the material. “I didn’t mind working with his gospel staff. If you want to sing about Jesus, go ahead, I don’t care. I’ll help you do it, you know? If you want to talk about your problem with your wife, go ahead and do it. I don’t care. But it was not right to continue to be “driftwood” in the process without knowing how to use his work.

After initially telling author Matt Wardla, “I’m one of the few artists who isn’t on Canyon’s album,” Rundgren heeded it a bit, “There’s probably a possibility I’m somewhere. There’s a lot of rubbish on that record! I finally realized that, As a musician, he’s a shoe designer.He’s just a dilemma at the moment, ”Rundgren said, adding that West has“ stupid money ”to play endlessly with his work.“ No one rents a stadium to record. No one in the whole world of hip-hop just flies to crochet a character, so you can say everyone was in it. “

Rundgren was originally listed as a “rod” by the 88-key, for which he still has a lot of respect; That producer was a Rundgren fan and apparently it was a two hook up as a dream. But after a year of trying to comply with West’s wishes and falling apart, Rocker doesn’t think he’s sorry he’s (probably) not on the record.

Rundgren says that when he heard “Danda” he believed that West “hurriedly rolled up the whole thing and pulled out what was really raw, unprocessed material. Because Drake was running the whole process.” Drake’s “Certified Lover Boy,” Drake hurriedly released the album over the weekend before it came out. And in the end, Drake ate his lunch anyway.

In a separate Ultimate Classic rock story, Rundgren talks about how not to attend the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Cleveland on October 30, but is willing to pipe in an acceptance speech or other recognition from the concert he is doing in Cincinnati that night. He hinted that he wanted to avoid insulting Hall or disappoint his fans who wanted to mute him year after year, but he added that the organization is “too much on record about my feelings” to not be very consistent. Read that story here.

Rundgren is set to release an album later this year, possibly with a satirical title, “Space Force,” which suggests he may not be tweaking the sensitivities of right-wingers after he was slammed with an anti-Trump comedy song. In 2017 Donald Fagen collaborated “Tin Foil Hat”.

His current tour makes him stand two or three nights in most of the cities of Routing, including the opening set of the first or second half of the 1973 epic “A Wizard, True Star,” with a different set list each night. The tour ends on November 16-17 at the Grammarsey October 7-9 in New York and November 12-14 at the Belasco Theater in LA (three-show passes are available in both cities) at the Filmmore in San Francisco on November 16-17. Full tour routing can be found here.

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