March 20, 2023


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Tom Hardy’s ‘Capone’ Score 2.5 2.5 Million VOD Sales – Variety

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In today’s film news roundup, Tom Hardy’s “Capone” VOD grossed 2.5 2.5 million for sales, the “Polynines” found a home and rented a Miramax Wolfgang hammer.

‘Capone’ results

Vertical Entertainment’s Tom Hardy movie “Capone” has achieved the company’s best VOD release with a 10-day run on on 2.5 million on-demand sales.

“Capone” was released on May 12 via several on-demand platforms such as iTunes (where it reached number one on the charts within the first three days of release) Amazon and on-demand only.

“We are incredibly impressed with the attention and interest surrounding Capone,” the agency said. “While we hope the movie could have been made initially in theaters, we can’t be more thrilled with the success of the VOD home premiere release.”

Real Life Al Capone led the Chicago crowd in the 1920s and was prosecuted for tax evasion and was imprisoned in 1932. The film de happened late in his life when dementia tore through his mind. The film is directed by Josh Trunk and stars Kyle McLachlan, Linda Cardellini, Jack Loden, Matt Dillon and Neil Brennan.


1091 Peter Nelson’s documentary “The Polynines” buys worldwide broadcast and digital rights, making billions of American food supplies possible through the unbroken story of the bee.

The distributor has set June 22-28 as the release date, just before National Pollen Week. The deal was done by Danny Grant from 1091 and Glenn Reynolds from Circus Road Films.

Produced by Sally Roy, Peter Nelson and Michael Writer, “Pollen” follows beekeepers and their managers at every step from one end of the United States to the other, a unique annual migration that is essential to feeding America. Nelson has toured 14 states and shot nearly 200 hundred pieces throughout the growing season for nearly 90 days.

“Pollen” made its world premiere at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival 2019 in Missoula, Monte, followed by a festival across the country, where it won numerous awards.

Executive Hears

Wolfgang Hammer, a veteran of the industry, has joined Miramax as film chief and executive vice-president. He will oversee the company’s feature film development and production efforts in his new joint venture with Paramount overs.

He will report to Miramax CEO Bill Block. Munica Lake has also been appointed as the Vice President of Miramax Films and she will report to Hammer and support efforts to expand Miramax’s library.

Hammer was the founder and CEO of Super Deluxe. She was vice president of CBS Films and during her time at the studio published “The Woman in Black” and “Last Vegas”. Previously working at MGM Motion Picture Group Lay News was first reported by Deadline.

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