October 20, 2021


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Tom Scheritt went to ‘East of the Mountains’ for the latest film

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In her 60-year career, she has been seen in major supporting roles in hit films such as “Alien,” “Top Song,” and “M * A * S * H ​​*”, with Tom Skaritt finally getting a starring role in a film.

The acclaimed actor is playing the role of a retired heart surgeon, in front and center of “Before the Mountains”, who keeps his daughter’s diagnosis of terminal cancer a secret from him and unleashes his emotions after his wife’s death. He drove in the Cascade Mountains of Washington, with only his dog and a shotgun, determined to take his own life when he was in the desert. Soon on a lucky ride, his car breaks down and stops him, but the kindness of strangers and memories of his childhood rescues him in multiple ways. The film was a test of endurance for the 88-year-old skirt. It’s also, surprisingly, the first time a character actor has played a central character in a movie, even though he anchored “Picket Fences,” winning an Emmy for his hard work.

“It was a lot of movement. I wasn’t too much then. When it comes to filming and doing a job, a kind of energy fills your body and you just do the job. It helps to do this for a few years. You do the right thing, and always remember more or less. Because if you do less, your audience expects or wants more from you, ”Skart said Diversity In a virtual interview from his Seattle home.

Skerritt may have been better in his ninth decade, but he didn’t slow down. He is lively in interviews, waving his arms around and gesturing, something he said he picked up while working in Italy, one of his favorite places. He plays his “East of the Mountain” character, Ben Givens, with a preserved strength and soft-spoken wisdom, but he explodes into important scenes when faced with danger.

“You take someone who has been a cardiologist for 40 years, now he’s retired. [There’s] This is the discipline that doctors have, maintaining and controlling your emotions [and] A very antisocial behavioral pattern. How do you handle this? Your wife has just died and now you have been told you have cancer and you will die if you do not take care of yourself. What do people over the age of over? You do nothing; You get the hell out of there, ”Skart says.“ Go somewhere where you can remember your childhood. Go before the mountain where you grew up and hunted grouse. Coming back to who we were as children and she remembers it all. ”

For Scarlett, she doesn’t have a family to feel the need to return to her childhood home in Detroit or to return to her busy Los Angeles. He is completely satisfied with the quiet nature of Seattle, writing, painting and carving wood.

“I live in a place that is like going on vacation,” he says. “I look up, I see Washington Lake. I can see a dog in the neighbor’s dock, an agglute flying in the air, mountains in the distance, little smoke from the forest fire. All these things are a beautiful world. This is all creative input. This is how I have lived my life since I was an adult. ”

Despite the name, “East of the Mountain” is actually depicted West Skirt of the Mountains of Washington says. He read David Gutterson’s novel many years ago, and after meeting Gutterson, the author said that if the book were ever made suitable for film, Skritt would have to play the lead role. SJ Chiro has conducted the adaptation, which is available online and through the distribution of the queer in selected theaters. Actors include Mira Sorvino, who played the daughter of Skerit, Annie Gonzalez, Wally Dalton and John Paulsen.

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