March 25, 2023


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‘Tomris’ Kazakhstan Queen movie acquired for the United States – variety

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In today’s Film News Roundup, the Kazakh action-adventure movie “Tomris” and the Scottish music movie “Beats” have found homes in the United States, and the Lulu Wilson thriller “Becky” opens more than 40 drives.


Arklight Films and Well Go USA bought the U.S. distribution rights to the historical historical action-adventure “Tomris” centered on Queen Tomris during the 6th century BC.

The film, a joint production between Kazakhfilm Studios and Satafilm, focuses on uniting the divided nomadic tribes of Tomaris to form a strong nation capable of ousting Persia. Accounts According to historical accounts, Tomris and his army defeated Cyrus the Great in 530 AD.

Almira Tursin plays Tomiris with Adil Akhmetov and Aizan Leg, and they each do their own stunts. Akan Satyayev directed the film, which was dramatically released in Kazakhstan in October and became one of the highest-grossing films in the country’s history.

“We are grateful to live in a world where powerful women have a strong hunger for real-life stories that need to be told,” said Gary Hamilton, chairman of Arklight Films. “Tomris” tells a story like this, and combined with its stunning landscapes and exceptional production values, it is an epic film that will captivate audiences.

Release set

Music Box Films 2 June 26 inaugurated the Scottish music film “Beats” in the United States for select theater and virtual engagement.

In Scotland, “bits” have been set against the backdrop of the 1994 Criminal Justice Act – which effectively banned outside RAB – as two teenage friends tried an illegal disguise to greet their youth. Directed by Brian Welsh, the upcoming black and white film features a soundtrack with music by The Prodigy, Orbital, Bamfield and LFO.

The film stars Christian Ortega and Lorne MacDonald. “Beats” premiered at the 2019 Rotterdam International Film Festival and screened at the 2019 Slamdance and continues to be acclaimed at the 2019 British Independent Film Awards.

Release ‘Becky’

The thriller “Becky” opens in more than 40 U.S. drive-in cinemas on Friday when the country’s film screening business returns.

Lulu Wilson plays the 13-year-old rebel who came out on a weekend home to a lake home by his father, played by Joel McHale, to try to reconnect. The tour is about to get worse as soon as a group of culprits are confronted while running under the leadership of a ruthless man depicted by Kevin James.

Directed by Jonathan Millett and Kerry Mornion from a screenplay by Nick Morris, Rukas Sky and Lane Sky. Wilson’s credits include “Annabel: Creation” and “Ouza: Evelyn of Evil” as well as Netflix’s “Hunt of Hill House” and HBO’s “Sharp Objects”.

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