October 20, 2021


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Tony Awards 2021: Biggest Snab, Surprise and Takeaways

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The long-delayed Tony Awards ceremony has finally happened, and most of it has been completed as expected দেখুন for example, see “Moulin Rouge!” The string of wins for this, which seemed likely to be the winner in the evening. But still, there was some shock. Here are the biggest snubs, surprises and takeaways of the night.

Takeway: #TonisoWhite?
There were several nominees hoping for this year’s tennis, but when all the wins were calculated, the trophy went to a pool of winners who were as white as the winners of the Emmys about a week ago. It was a reminder that despite providing lip service for equity, diversity and inclusion throughout the event, there is still work to be done.

SNUB: “Slave Play”
During the non-epidemic prize season, the best sporting competition was between “Slave Play” and “The Inheritance”, a widely discussed horse competition. But this year’s prize chat was silent, and during the shutdown and subsequent racial reckoning, it seemed that “slave play” had captured the moment and would also capture Tony’s vote. (It also seemed to be a strong contender for some design compliments.) But the evening’s results reminded us that “slave play” was divisive, and not everyone liked it. Instead, the production of the epic, economically “The Inheritance,” not only won the top award for the play, but also received trophies for director Stephen Daldry, lead actor Andrew Burnup, and actress Lewis Smith. “Slave Play” came out of the night empty handed.

Surprise: A broom for “A Christmas Carol”
In the awards race, no one talked too much about “A Christmas Carol” because it didn’t seem to be in the running for the top play award. But the elegant atmospheric design of “Carol”, which included song lyrics and carols, proved memorable enough for years and changes in the minds of voters who went through watching the show and voting for it. It has won five trophies – set, costume, lights, sound and score – it is the most winning game of the night.

Surprise: Some prizes were given to the group – and it worked
During the first half of the show যা which was a hard-stop at 9pm the night before, the process was called “Broadway’s Back!” The Evening Design Awards were announced at CBS in a grouping that played quickly and smoothly onscreen. Of course, the speed of everything helped because there was a relatively small pool of nominee hopefuls in the epidemic-short season, and because the whole “Christmas carol” team didn’t show up to give a speech. But still: it was a model of respectable skill. Maybe Amy and Oscar should take note.

Surprise: Diablo Cody for “Jagged Little Pill”
A big musical winner will often drop most of the other prizes for it and it’s “Moulin Rouge!” – Except for a musical book that didn’t go to “Moulin Rouge” author John Logan or the author who considered it his most likely competition, Katori Hall, the Pulitzer winner who wrote “Tina”. Instead it went to Diablo Cody for his book, The Jagged Little Pill, which takes the story of a single family into a multifaceted perspective on the broader format of contemporary American struggle.

Surprise: A win for the lead actor and actress in a play
Honestly, the top actress in a drama award could easily and deservedly go to the nominees in any category, but the buzz of the show’s predictions seemed to indicate that the victory went to first-time nominees Joaquina Kalukango (“Slave Play”) or Laura Lini (“My Name Is Lucy Burton”). “), Who has been nominated five times but never won. Instead it went to Mary-Lewis Parker, the second Tony to win his acclaimed performance in “The Sound Inside.” Meanwhile, at a drama award, the actor felt that it was going to Blair Underwood for the renaissance of Tom Hiddleston or the winner of “A Soldiers Play”, the biggest star of the “revolt” -like renaissance. But instead it went to Andrew Burnup for his restless and well-received performance in the central role of “The Inheritance”.

TAKEAWAY: Tony is not ashamed of some thorny things
In the past, Tony would probably ignore or avoid something remotely controversial. But this year, the show faced some challenges, including an inspirational combination of face-to-face words and taps that honored Tony Joy of the Broadway Advocacy Coalition. In her acknowledgment speech, Lauren Patten acknowledged the ongoing uproar and social-media conversations over the altered image of her character’s “sex journey” in “Jagged Little Pill”. And in reflection of the recent awareness of the working conditions in the theater, the orchestras praised the dedication and talent of the pit musicians and the design winners all made it a point to thank the fleet of workers performing their designs. (“I’m here because of your hard work and your long time,” Justin Townsend told his electricians when he picked up his win for “Moulin Rouge!”)

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