October 25, 2021


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Tony Awards: What you haven’t seen on TV

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Twenty-seven months later, the Tony Awards returned on Sunday night to honor Broadway’s best. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes of Live Theater, as well as a wide-ranging commercial to bring viewers back to the Great White Way.

The division between streaming and live TV, home viewers were treated to galvanic performances (hello, Jennifer Holiday!) And ongoing lectures. Still, not many cameras were caught at the Winter Garden Theater in Manhattan. Here’s what you didn’t see during the four-hour telecast.

Mask application

Behind Broadway, viewers were reminded in a few steps, and this meant that epidemic-era protection protocols were fully operational. Everyone at the venue had to be fully vaccinated to set foot in the theater, and anyone who walked the red carpet had to show evidence of a negative COVID-19 test hours before the negative.

Before the show started, the producers had a simple request – don’t take off your mask. The winners were instructed to keep their masks on until they got on stage. For night losers, this can also be a welcome obligation. This means that any reaction shots – good and bad – were concealed by a functional stretch of the fabric. It also made it difficult to recognize old friends and attract the attention of many celebrities, although stars like Jesse Tyler Ferguson were not easily spotted pushing her red hair.

Tony optimistic or not, everyone in the crowd was given a Tony-themed mask upon arrival. However, the thin cloth cover was not made keeping in mind the dimensions of an adult human head, so many in the crowd prefer to wear masks brought from home.

Later, Leslie Odom Jr., who hosted the “Broadway Is Back” concert on CBS in the second half of the evening, reiterated the need for masks. During her opening count, she sang, “Everyone here is masked, waxed and tested, and what theaters will look like for a while.”

Lynn-Manuel Miranda led the first Lots Standing reception

The main cast members of “Hairspray”, including Marissa Jarrett Winokur and Matthew Morrison, were the first to get Hamilton’s mastermind Lynn-Manuel Miranda out of her chair. “It simply came to our notice then Lots) The moment that was at everyone’s feet. One thing was clear: Tony voters and nominees were more interested in returning to the theater, as evidenced by the almost lasting stability.

For the first prize of the night, which went to David Allan Greer (“A Soldier’s Game”) for an actor featuring a play, the applause in the room was so loud, it was almost impossible to hear the nominees reading before the envelope was even open. Gear when he told the losers in his class, “Tough bananas.” Another emotional moment came when Danny Berstein finally took a statue home after his seventh nomination. Before the “Moulin Rouge” actor even reached the stage, the audience jumped up and broke into applause.

Later in the evening, Andre de Shields, who won a Tony for “Headstone” in 2019, was greeted with a standing ovation for just walking to perform on stage. (As it should be!) Hours through the night, the standing o shots didn’t move, and it only intensified with concerts that brought out Broadway legends like Edina Menzel, Christine Chenoeth, Adra MacDonald (who hosted the first part of the show) and Titus Berg. . Speaking of icons …

Jennifer Holiday brings the room down with “And I’m telling you …”

The first two hours of the telecast went by quickly (no, seriously) because it was streaming on Paramount Plus, which meant there was no commercial break to disrupt the flow of the trophy. After a few touching musical performances and several lectures – many of which were indifferent to diversification and prioritization of inclusion in the theater industry – Jennifer Holiday, who won Tony for “Dreamgirls” in 1982, charged the rafters with a passionate, near-religious performance. And I’m telling you I’m not going. ” It’s hard to imagine how powerful a performance has been played in the room, but through the ballad, the fog-eyed spectators could no longer be trapped. Each of the 1,526-seat theaters rose from their seats and did not return until they left the holiday stage.

Aaron Tweet won a Tony, but for the entertainment of the crowd, his only competition was himself

On an unconventional occasion in an unconventional year, at least everyone can appreciate Aaron Tavit’s joke, well, unconventional Tony Joy. As the protagonist of “Moulin Rouge: The Musical”, the Broadway darling won his first Tony in an unusual way. For the first time, there was only one nominee for Best Actor in a Leading Role of a Musician. But just because Tevit was the sole nominee does not mean that his victory was pre-determined. No, presenters Babe Newworth and Courtney B. Vance assured everyone that Tony needed his support to win 0% of the electorate. Q smiles from the crowd. Of course, Tweet’s name was called and for a moment it seemed like he would make a joke about the strange situation. Instead, he took the stage in a teary-eyed speech about Broadway’s life-changing ability.

A crazy dash at the bar

The first part of the tennis, which may be the first for the award show in the modern era, ended 10 minutes ahead of schedule. No invitation was required for guests to rush to the only bar in the mezzanine-level venue to refuel before the “Broadway is Back” concert. Since there was only one water hole to serve the entire crowd of theater lovers, it is safe to say that many people have left the bar area without cocktails in hand.

Those who made their way upstairs to drink were not warned before the start of the second half of the evening. With only a minute left, the orchestra told the audience that they would not be able to return to their seats until O’Dom had made his live entrance because he would have to dance on the isle. This explains why Titus Burgess fell late to his seat, for which Odom gave him a gentle thorn.

The audience did not dig into the pre-recorded performance

For whatever reason (meaning, probably; health concerns, perhaps), Tony offers pre-taped performances from “Moulin Rouge”, “Jagged Little Pill” and “Tina” – the three shows that were nominated for Best Music. For home viewers, this probably made the experience even better because the numbers were performed on the entire stage. However, stay in the winter garden theater, energy can not escape from the room fast enough. After provocative performances by Ali Strucker, John Legend and many more, a room full of Broadway Mavens was hardly impressed by the pre-taped numbers.

An epic series of duets has been played to reduce the crowd

At a conclusion that would gag any kid in the theater, Odom and his wife Nicolette Robinson began a series of legendary duets with “You Matter to Me” from “Waitress”, with Titus Burgess and Andrew Ranells singing “It Takes Two” and the original “Wicked” “Star Menzel and Chenoweth have reunited” for the better, especially for the emotional presentation. From there, Adam Pascal and Anthony Rap continue to power with “your own” from “Rent” before spending the evening with “Wheels of Dream” from Brian Stokes Mitchell and McDonald’s “Ragtime”. There was a dry eye in the crowd – at least, among those who were still in their chairs. At that time of night, all of the prizes were handed out and dozens of seats were vacated when Freestyle Love Supreme took the stage to recreate the four-minute event in four minutes. This is showbiz, honey!

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