October 25, 2021


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Tony Prediction: Who will win the 2021 Tony Award?

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A Tony prophecy story? In this climate?

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. The publicity has been hampered by the confusing roll-out of the evening plan, which splits the show into a premium streaming service and a traditional theatrical network. Encouragement has also been worded, with a draw-out timeline announcing nominations in October 2020 and voting completed in March, since one voter watched a show. Also, the cloud of dilemma surrounding the awards is still seen in an ongoing epidemic (see rating-challenged Oscars, Golden Globes and Grammys).

Nonetheless, Tony voters voted – and even if one of them forgot who they voted for, it could be predicted. Based on a completely unscientific table of voters’ preferences, industry buzz, and gut instincts (and caution that this chaotic prize season seems more impossible to predict than usual), here are 11 predictions for Sunday’s Tony Awards:

1. “Moulin Rouge!” The best music will win.
A running, over-the-top, brilliantly designed “Moulin Rouge!” Featuring Tina Turner’s bio “Tina” and Alanis Morriset’s musical “Jagged Little Pill”. It seems to have led with the voters. It’s splashy, it’s fun and many suggest that it has been the most preferred of the options, even for voters who were under three shows. “Moulin Rouge!” Director Alex Timbers and choreographer Sonia Taiyeh are also set to win their respective categories, although in a musical book competition, the edge seems to be heading towards the recent Pulitzer Prize-winning Katori Hall for “Tina”.

2. “Slave play” takes the best play.
This is a seemingly everyone agrees. A complex perspective on race and sexuality, “Slave Play” is a show that moves step by step over time and even those who don’t like it acknowledge that the conversations it provokes are important.

“. The best revival of a play by scoring “A Soldiers Play”.
There’s a lot of praise for staging Jamie Lloyd’s “Betrayal,” but the sensations in this section have gathered around Kenny Leone’s fleet, a production of “A Soldiers Play”. Leon probably wants to get a win for a drama director.

4. Adrian Warren has it in his bag.
All nominees for lead actress in a musical category gave admirable performances, but since taking the first bow for her powerhouse performance in the title role of “Tina”, everyone on Broadway wanted to present Warren with a trophy. On Sunday he will finally pick up his trophy.

5. Aaron Tveit so.
See, this is technically possible for “Moulin Rouge”! Star Tevit, the only nominee for a musical lead actor, will lose the award. But based on surveyed voters, he has nothing to worry about. And, honestly, if he falls short anyway, that would be the biggest disaster of the night.

6. Danny Burstein will take on a musical actor.
Birstin is a favorite in Brastway as an actor and as a man, and at the moment it’s unreasonable that he never won Tony. His nomination for his role as Harold Zidler in “Moulin Rouge” is his seventh chance to win an award, and the strength and grace he showed during an epidemic will become an emotional favorite to win even before it hits him and his family particularly hard. .

7. Someone from “Jagged Little Pill” will win a musical featured actress. Um, of course.
The featured musical actress category has three actors from “Jagged Little Peel” and there is a hint of one of them being the winner. Which is hard to say, though Celia Rose Gooding is mentioned a little more than her customers. Of course, there is always the possibility of a “spotted” trio split, and the prize goes to “Tina’s” Myra Lucretia Taylor or “Moulin Rouge’s” Robin Harder.

8. Guess anyone who is the lead actor in a play, but there is a favorite for the lead actress.
Of all the major classes, the main actor in a play is the one for whom voters often forget their vote. If we can figure out one of all the uncertainties, it seems like “A Soldiers Play” between Blair Underwood and “Betrayal” between Tom Hiddleston. Meanwhile, the play stars Laura Lini (“My Name Is Lucy Burton”), Adra MacDonald (“Frankie and Johnny in the Clear de Lun”) and Mary-Lewis Parker (“Inside the Sound”). Joaquina seems ready to go to Kalukango for her role in a challenging role as the play’s emotional anchor.

9. It seems like the year for David Allan Greer and Lewis Smith.
In the Featured Performers section of a play, two names are often mentioned: David Allan Greer for his turn in “A Soldiers Play” and Lewis Smith for “The Inheritance”. Both are highly acclaimed, and there are still no trophies. On Sunday it looks like that could change.

10. The list of winners will be more than just the list of winners.
Many observers would like to read the results of the Tony Awards as a referendum on the industry’s commitment to equity and diversity. It would be hard not to see a list of winners because the tea leaves predict how much the industry can and will change. No one wants to be the “Green Book” year of tennis.

11. Would be wrong.
It’s almost impossible to have a proper tonal balance at an awards show at the moment, and that would be doubly true for an event that, in its second half, is very open about the trade and encourages viewers to return to Broadway. So the question about artistic excellence is not whether there will be slips or missteps that will annoy observers during the evening, but how many. Who would rub the wrong way, and how harshly? We’ll find out Monday morning.

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