October 25, 2021


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Trailer for the action thriller ‘Omarta 6/12’ released by SF Studios

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SF Studios has unveiled the trailer for the action thriller “Omarta // 12”, one of the biggest budget Finnish films to date.

The film is directed by Aku Luhimis, titled Finnish star Jasper Pokenen (“Blackklanksman”) and Swedish actors Nanna Blondel (“Black Widow”) and Savari’s Goodnason (“Class vs. McEnroe”).

Pääkkönen plays Max Tanner, a Finnish secret service agent working for the Special Forces of the European Union. During Finland’s Independence Day celebrations, when the presidential palace was attacked and heads of state were taken hostage. Tanner was tasked with discussing the hostage crisis and realizing that the terrorist attack was a plan to destabilize Europe. Blondell played the role of Swedish secret service agent Sylvia Madsen, and Godonson played the leader of the Serbian group, Vasa Jankovic.

“Omarta // 12” will be released on a stage in Finland on November 1, followed by a play in the Nordics in the winter. Cinematic Anti J. And REINvent is repped by international sales. “Omarta 6/12” will become a four-episode TV series published in 2022 in Sea More.

The first film adaptation based on Ilka Remus’ best-selling novel was “Omarta // 12”. Zari Olavi Rantala wrote the final script for the film, which was directed by Aunty J.

“The challenge of adapting my action-packed narrative to the silver screen is finally being met without compromise and I’m excited about the upcoming 6/12 motion picture,” Remus said.

“If anything, the story comes to life better than ever in reflecting the challenging issues of the present time, especially geopolitical issues,” Rams added.

“The high-concept trailers of Ilka Rams are considered a national asset,” Norberg said. The producer said he looks forward to seeing the global response to the “long-awaited and first film adaptation from his book”.

Among other local sources, the film was co-produced by Estonian banner Stellar Films with the help of The Finnish Film Foundation.

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