March 21, 2023


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‘Travel to Greece’ is the latest ‘Trip’ film. But it shouldn’t be biarity

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I’m an unpublished fan of “The Trip” and its three sequels. They are British talk-verit é road jokes, where Steve Kagan and Rob Brydon play a higher version of their quickbird acid-lingering middle-aged soul, touring some beautiful European countries (England, Italy, Spain, Greece) for a while Cut and dice the Eos with thoughts – a one-upmanship game within Frenzymes that periodically explodes in the conflicting disguise of some legendary movie star. (The happiest was Michael Kane. They did an integral take on Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, San Connery, Woody Allen and Hugh Grant.)

It’s hard to pinpoint the “trip” movies that give them a special leg, but the whole fast-fire competitive banner of Cogan and Bryden, most of which they make on the spot, reminds me of the frustrated generation of “A” with “My Dinner with Andre”. Hard day night with a touch of fascination in its conversation ”. These are tricks to take seriously (though not too seriously). There are also plays to take these lightly.

And now, I think, these will be missed.

With the release of “Travel to Greece” on May 22, Kagan, Brydon and their director Michael Winterbottom announced that they were packing it. At least, there will be no more “trip” movies – a good long time. The BBC series was made up of six episodes of each of the four films that returned to “The Trip” in 2010 (each series is roughly one and a half times longer than the hit movie). To make another movie they would theoretically need to do another series, and that’s not on the cards.

Yet I think it is a mistake to leave the film now. Of course, you can make a case (to me) that the kind of “trip” films have been using, we’ve seen Kogan and Brydon even do their powerful camouflage more than once, and everyone’s unknown grace – a stage melancholy in the world that Giving this series its soul was there from the beginning, so there’s no real point in trying to “deepen” the material. It’s almost as deep as it’s already going to get.

“Travel to Greece,” but the grand finale of this series has become too few (or I dare say it), deserving of the franchise. You could argue that they are politely, running outside without fog (and without any risk of shark jumping), and that’s a very good thing. It is also very British. But here’s a suggestion on why Cogan, Brydon and Winterbottom should be visited once more, and here’s what I think.

The “trip to Greece” was not the end, it was just a stoppage.

The new movie pains the two of them for dark intimacy, especially when Kogan learns that his father has fallen ill. Yet it sets up what is less a closing note than a kind of spiritual cliffhanger: What is Koogan going to do when his stupidity comes against death? A great question, but it is never answered.

For that series This Set in American movie stardom, it needs to get out of the euro zone.

“Trip” movies are epicurean friend-movie travel destinations that may have been banked by the European tourism industry. Each item is a toss-off ad for landscapes, cooking, history glories among other things. Making documentary shots of food in the kitchens of restaurants – seen throwing a dish into a smoking pot just before our heroines serve – is like a facilitated glimpse of an ancient trade mystery. These are all very lovely, very civilized, very continental. So where do they go – in France? Sweden? Germany? Ireland? By no means. That formula has really been spent. So I think it’s almost time that Cagan and Brydon traveled in the beast’s belly. The fifth and final “trip” should be 7. “Trip to California.” The two will embark on a journey northwest of the Pacific Ocean, travel along the Pacific Coast Highway via San Francisco and end in Los Angeles – where they may finally face the place that is the source of many of their dreams.

They need to try some radical new impressions

Each “Trip” sequel features golden old kids – Tom Hardy’s tug-of-war – and Dustin Hoffman-Lawrence-Olivier-in-the-“Marathon Man” at least one new “Trip to Greece” set the fun sequence. Yet as much as I cherish these flashbacks to the 70s, there’s a whole new world waiting to be faked in oblivion, and the guys who do these, even if Kogan now claims he can’t care less about her, are a fanatic. (Probably so, but he’s so great at it that this is just his version of every comedian willing to play Hamlet.) They’re Brad Pitt, John Travolta, Daniel Day-Lewis, Nicholas Cage, Jim Carey, Quentin Tarantino … . The “trip to California” is that Cogan and Brydon should be celebrity roasts to finish all the celebrity roasts.

They need to face one or two of their main goals face to face.

It sounds like a marginalization in shark-jumping terrain, but in the final “trip” film they actually scatter toward Michael Kane – and how perfect would it be to be wounded by a three-way dialogue with him? Or did they do the same thing with Pacino? The latest “Trip” film should bring us to the heights of a delusional comic with a feeling Rescue. A scene like this does that trick.

The film manages to entertain as well as inform.

We’ve heard enough about Cowan and Brydon’s personal lives to find out who they are. But what drives their hidden hearts as actors-comedians? In “Trip to California”, their six-day trip is “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Should end in a joint presence! It reveals rivetingly fun and drop-dead in its own way, as the talk-show climax of the “Joker”. (They can meet Michael Kane there!) Which is to say.

“Trip to California” should be a major celebration of the showbiz.

Where, in Hollywood, does fantasy end and reality begin? And where is that line of soul of these two men, because they themselves act in serial movies where every moment is “real” and every moment is an act? The “trip to California” should end (and end the series) with a meta-fun. We, including Kucan and Brydon, deserve something less.

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