September 22, 2021


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Trina shoes manufacturer on Secret Sisters, Brandy Carlyle, Farming Women’s team

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With their two Grammy nominations for the “Saturn Return” album and the song “Cabin”, the Secret Sisters are representing not only the siblings, but also an obvious, all-female (or almost all female) group for their rare strength. The project shows that sisters Laura Rogers and Leah Slagel came back as producers to blend in with pioneer engineer Trina Schumacher rather than Brandy Carlyle (name shared with her general collaborator, Tim and Phil Hansaroth) as a producer – she is also one-of-a-kind behind the boards as well as in front of the mic Combination.

Sister, Carlyle and shoe maker were met Different Just before the holidays to discuss this harmonious conversation of female power and talent, and how they realized what the combination was after the team was already present, even if they wanted to ask other artists to imitate consciously and sincerely. You can see the full illuminated and sometimes unrealistic 45 minute conversation in the video above.

Carlyle has a long track record of working with Schliemaker, he has been listed as a co-producer with his previous two solo records (“Beer Creek” and “The Daughter of the Firewatch”), as well as the album or engineer he co-produced with Tania Tucker. Survive “, which collected its own set in the last go-round.

“I would say that before I had a daughter, and when I was young and very driven, when I was crossing paths with Trina, it never occurred to me that I was consciously choosing to go to the studio as a woman,” Carlyle said. “And it didn’t happen to me that there was a lack of representation in the state. Because what I was thinking was myself and moving myself forward in my career, getting where I needed to go.

“Once I had a daughter and I started to think about how many paths were actually open for them, it slowed my mind – and I got driven, but I started to gain a perimeter,” Carlyle added. “And when I realized, God, only so few women are pulling chairs on this console and saying,‘ Actually, I’m in charge of this session and I’m going to control the way I listen, ’but I didn’t make a conscientious choice to put women in front. I know There is Commanded that role in such a bold way. And so I made a conscious decision to start controlling myself in the state where my kids were born, to more deliberately recognize and push people like Trina and start really thinking about it, so that this is an option for my daughters and many more. For girls.

The Secret Sisters actually used Carlyle and Shoemaker in the roles on their previous Grammy-nominated album, “You’re Not My Own Owner” (Carlyle successfully produced several other big names, T sister Barnett and Dave Cobb). .

“I don’t think we thought about it,” Rogers admitted at the time. “We didn’t go for our third record in the mindset of ‘we find every potential woman.’ But (part of it) was just youth and vivacity, because being an artist, it seems like you’re just looking at yourself and being very self-centered.” Rising… but then once someone – and in our case it was Brandy – enlightened you on the way to empower you differently, even if you have a small platform you suddenly become so aware of how you can focus on people – and women – especially – that You worked and appreciated and Trina got it and understood our southern sensibilities and our voices and the timbres we accessed together. And it would be nice to be with anyone, regardless of gender. ”

“It was Cherry on top that she was a woman,” Slag said.

“And I think that’s because of her femininity,” she added, “she understood the female voice in a special way which is an advantage for her in her line of work that we really benefit and love.”

“But he also understands living and perversion,” Carlyle pointed out. “Trina blends in with every record I make because she’s the best. It was only in the middle stream that I realized that this is a revolutionary thing, we are both women. So I understand that we are in a unique position to offer it as a way forward. Like, ‘Hey, we’re women, but we like it very, very, very well’ and that’s really great because it makes other women think that they too can be very, very, very good in the most horrible place in the studio, which is that chair console. Pulling up and putting your finger on a dial … however everything about your son’s team is female-centric. And it had no purpose. You went with everyone because you wanted to work with them. It wasn’t until you put the team together that you realized we were all women. I think it’s a template that other people can see and respect and then see as much as possible in their own world. “

With other female artists who have taken this type of team, although the current phenomenon never happens, there can be a conscious effort.

“Yes,” Carlyle agreed. “When someone like Taylor Swift makes a sincere decision to work with an all-female team, because they’re great, and they’re women, I think this trend will be like a fire of conscientious people,‘ God, there’s women in this field wondering if I’m with them. We can make conscious decisions about what to do. ‘

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Secret Sisters and Brandy Carlyle in the studio
Courtesy Sax & Co.

Schumacher became the first woman to win a Grammy for Best Engineer Album (Non-Classical), sharing it with Touched Blake and Andy Wallace in 1997 for their work on Sheryl Crowe’s “The Globe Sessions”. More than two decades later, it is tragic that there is still so little competition for anyone to ask for the name of a well-known female engineer.

“Why are there less locals for women to enter the field,” the shoe maker said. “In the 50s, there used to be … I can’t say Nothing, Because there were probably two in the whole world throughout the New Years of recording. Women probably didn’t even start entering the field until the ’70s. There was a trace amount. But it takes decades for a new group of people to enter a field previously inhabited by different groups. So it takes at least 20 years before they enter, be it pilots or scientists or surgeons or whatever. And then probably 10 more (recognized) before aging. Because greatness in the studio is genderless. You are either great there, or you are not. So enough women or enough women who are wildlife geniuses, committed to about 30 years up to that point. And I think we’re here. “

The Secret Sisters are reluctant to say that they will not choose the same material for the new record if they are still working with Barnett or Cobb. It’s not hard to notice, however, that “Saturn Returns” begins with three songs from the bat, one from a distinctly feminine perspective – one about old age, the other about infertility, and then a song about surviving Grammy-nominated “cabin” memories of sexual abuse The hearing was inspired.

The Raiders said, “One of the great things about working with Brandy is that she got to see the collection of songs we have at the moment … move away from it and go over it and sort of, ‘Look, this is what you’re working on for your records. It’s a big deal to you in your song. ’And so we didn’t mean (to focus on that), but of course there are femininity, motherhood, motherhood and grief and these are the things we were feeling for all the women we were feeling, and Brandi to go above all this. It was like, ‘Look, this is a picture. This is the landscape we’re trying to create.’ But we didn’t have to say, ‘Oh, let’s record a woman.’ We’re just women, and I can’t write a record of a man. Attitude, because I didn’t survive it.… I think the songs we had for this record would have been a favorite of the T sisters if we were still working with her, and Dave Cobb would have liked them, but I think they were nurtured differently because of Brandy. “

Carlyle said, “I like to lean towards the psychology of production … Suppose I am working with a person and I was looking at the body of his work and the place in his life. How he feels and whether he is in the estimation. I’ll ask him a lot of questions – because we’re almost always there when we record. This is where the material comes from. And if I notice that he’s questioning life decisions, if he thinks society has put him in a gender role and he Fighting this fight that he probably didn’t realize he could cry at once, if I were to look at him as a determined male or any construction of the environment in which he was raised, I would set the record towards presenting that truth to him. The sequence brings things like telling the truth in the voice … encourages him to be more sensitive and encouraging; setting the scene, and making sure the candle is lit and the lights are off Ray. I really want to support the psychology of an album, because when it comes together, people are able to engage weapons around it because it’s a life experience. And I think that’s my point as a creator. I don’t actually understand tape dripping or gear. “

In keeping Tucker and the Secret Sisters as his initial production clients, is Carlyle actively working to make women artists champions, in particular? “Absolutely,” he says – with a caution. “And I’ve also created a number of male artists. I actually pitch them regularly. No one has liked me yet. “

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Secret Sisters and Brandy Carlyle
Courtesy Sack & Co,

The shoe makers had a good deal to say in the studio about embracing things that can be seen as stereotypes or potential realities of both male and female energy. She admits that she thought of herself as one of the studio’s boys (now 16) until she became a mother.

“I’m a kind of thin, muscular, slightly masculine man,” the shoe maker said. “My idea, I only have testosterone, my idea. So I hug my male side … and so I can look at a song that is written, for example, about infertility. And I can see that it’s a woman’s point of view. From, obviously, because I felt… but I also like to express my masculinity, which is great and big, and also to see the song from a unique male perspective. It’s a fantasy of mine: what will happen They Feel? And then it comes back to explain it through my ears, which is in a woman’s body. So you can have a lot of fun (with that duality), if it’s in you … Brandy has a very, very marketed masculinity and so do I. So when it came time for us to be women, we were women. When we have time to feel like men to each other, we feel like men.

“Yes,” said Carlyle. “When the boys are in the studio and Dick jokes, they don’t know how good we are at it.”

Roundtable maternity was a frequent topic of conversation. Carlyle notes that her song “The Mother” begins with a comment from Schweimer after meeting Carlyle’s eldest daughter, Evangeline, and frowning: “Welcome to the end of being alone in your mind.” Speaking of the Secret Sisters, they were both pregnant or with their first child when the “Saturn Return” was being recorded at Carlyle’s home studio outside of Seattle.

“The girls named the album ‘Saturn Return’ because they’re aware of it,” Carlyle said. কেবল এটি সত্যই খুঁজে পেয়েছি যে তারা গানগুলি লিখেছিল এবং রেকর্ড তৈরির পরে। … আপনি আর কখনও সেভাবে অনুভব করবেন না, তবে আপনার কাছে সর্বদা এই রেকর্ডটি থাকবে। “

কার্লাইল সম্প্রতি তার নিজস্ব একটি নতুন অ্যালবাম শেষ করেছেন, যা তার গ্র্যামি-বিজয়ী হিসাবে “ওয়ে দ্য ওয়ে, আই আইফ্লিভ ইউ” নামে তৈরি হয়েছিল, কোব এবং শ্যুটার জেনিংসের দল দ্বারা। “আমি মানসিক ও সংবেদনশীলভাবে প্রযোজকদের সংমিশ্রণের সাথে দুটি অ্যালবাম চক্রের প্রতি প্রতিশ্রুতিবদ্ধ ছিলাম, কারণ তাদের কাছে এমন একটি কৌশল ছিল যা আমি শিখতে আগ্রহী ছিলাম।”

তবে তার অর্থ এই নয় যে তিনি যেভাবে সর্বদা চলবেন। “যে আমি ত্রিনার সাথে দুটি রেকর্ড সহ-প্রযোজনা করেছি তা সম্ভবত আমার সবচেয়ে স্বল্প-প্রচারিত রেকর্ড অভিজ্ঞতার মধ্যে একটি ছিল,” কার্লাইল বলেছিলেন। “আমরা রিক রুবিন এবং টি বোন বারনেট এবং ডেভ কোব এর সাথে আমার কাজ সম্পর্কে আরও কথা বলি। আমার যৌবনের এবং আমার ড্রাইভের উপ-উত্পাদক হিসাবে, আমি আন্ডার-প্রচারিত (জুতো প্রস্তুতকারকের সাথে মিলিয়ে স্ব-উত্পাদন)। কতটা বিপ্লবী ছিল তা নিয়ে আমি যথেষ্ট কথা বলিনি। এখন যে আমি 40 এর দিকে তাকিয়ে আছি এবং এই দুটি কন্যা পেয়েছি, আমি সময় মতো ফিরে যেতে চাই, ‘এক মিনিট অপেক্ষা করুন … আমার দুটি রেকর্ড আসলে মহিলারা তৈরি করেছেন।’ আমি চাইনি এ বিষয়ে আরও কথা বলার কারণ আমি সেসময় এটি গুরুত্বপূর্ণ মনে করি নি তবে আমি ভুল ছিল।

সুতরাং আমরা আবার তার নিজের রেকর্ড উত্পাদন করতে পারে? “হ্যাঁ, আপনি হবে। অবশ্যই। এবং আপনি আমাকে ডেভ, শুটার, ত্রিনা, রিক এবং টি হাড়ের কাছ থেকে কৃতজ্ঞ শিক্ষার সাথে এটি করতে দেখবেন। “

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