January 31, 2023


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True Baron Cohen Borat 2 Cracks Nielsen Top 10 Streaming List

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The true Baron Cohen comedy “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” ranks in Nielsen’s weekly Top 10 Streaming Title Rankings – a rare feat for a film, but not the biggest late turnout for any feature film on the charts.

According to Nielsen, “Borat 2” watched 570 million minutes in the United States during the week of October 19-25 and reached number 7 in the rankings. By comparison, Adam Sandler’s “Hobby Halloween” made 969 million minutes in its first week on Netflix, while Netflix’s Milli Bobby Brown starrer “Anola Holmes” pulled 1.165 billion minutes after its September debut.

Meanwhile, perennial fave and Emmy-winning “Sheets Creek” stood at the top of Nielsen’s list for the week of October 19-25 with 1.06 billion minutes on Netflix. Naturally, given the show’s 80-episode corps, the overall viewing of the series can register more viewing than any single movie.

Like other streamers, Amazon, which is heavily involved with viewer data, said last month that millions of Amazon Prime video users worldwide watched “Millions of Concern 2” on its opening weekend. The platform premiered on 22 October.

According to Amazon, in the first few hours of the “Borat” watch party on the night of its premiere, more than 10 million fans came to a live Q&A with Baron Cohen’s Borat and took part in a worldwide dance party.

The first film, directed by Jason Olinar, features Kazakh journalist Borat Sagdiev (Baron Cohen) in the 2006 documentary “Borat: Cultural Education Benefits Kazakhstan for a Glorious Nation America America.

Nielsen’s streaming top 10 ranking will run weekly based on the amount of minutes customers have access to the platform. Measurement agencies are watching tracks on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and Disney Plus.

A caution: Nielsen estimates are based on watching on connected TV, excluding mobile devices and computers. Streaming providers do not disclose the number of regular views. And Amazon, for one, doesn’t reveal exactly how many key members it has. The ecommerce giant recently revealed in January 2020 that it was on top of 150 million prime customers worldwide.

Here are Nielsen’s latest streaming top 10 (for the week of October 19-25):

1. “Skits Creek” (Netflix) – (80 episodes): 1.058 billion minutes

2. “Office” (Netflix) – (192 episodes): 869 million minutes

3. “Fly Manor Search” (Netflix) – (Episode 9): 838 million minutes

4. “Unsolved Mystery (2020)” (Netflix) – (12 episodes): 789 million minutes

5. “The Great British Baking Show” (Netflix) – (Ep1 Episode): 676 million minutes

“. “Gray’s Anatomy” (Netflix) – (361 episodes): 660 million minutes

7. “100” (Netflix) – (100 episodes): 657 million minutes

. “Borat Next Moviefilm” (Amazon) – 570 million minutes

9. “Criminal Minds” (Netflix) – (277 episodes) – 567 million minutes

10. “Queen’s Gambit (2020)” (Netflix) – (Episode 7) – 551 million minutes

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