March 21, 2023


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Tudtix Rebrands, announcing the preservation of a seat fund – variety

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Frontline workers will be able to take part in a free Broadway show once the coronavirus epidemic has been reduced with the help of TudTix. The ticketing system unveiled a new initiative called a Seat Fund on Tuesday, as well as optimistic rebuilds in Tomartix.

Theater enthusiasts can donate to Tudtex to give back to grocery store clerks, bus drivers and medical care workers in their vicinity, leading to payments for Broadway seats once the Great White Way and international theaters reopen. With Broadway and the West End stagnant due to the coronavirus epidemic, TodTix CEO Brian Finty wanted ToddTix to inspire TodTix’s new remakes to be creative and look to the future of theatergoers, promising that the theater would return better than ever.

“TodayTix has enriched a community of not only interested playwrights, but casual playwrights and those who just want a little culture in their lives. In this crazy time and since this secret crisis, the world of live events is suffering on such a large scale, “he told Finti. Diversity. “We’ve really come up with the idea that TodayMix has come up with the idea of ​​revisiting tomortics, a way to know that the world is changing, one thing we can notice is that tomorrow will always be there.”

TudTix started seven years ago and was first created to bring millennials to the theater with “friction” buying tickets from the United States to Australia and London and working periodically around the world. On March 11, the company struggled with home-based systems and found ways to adapt to the system over time. Finty and his team decided to give socialists a chance to do something by giving back to a community of theater enthusiasts through TomarTix, Optimism and the Seh The Seat Fund. The company is looking closely at all types of frontline workers, verifying their credentials in order to receive subsidized seats.

“There are so many heroes now who are saving our lives and helping us every day,” Fenty said. “If there’s a frontline hero who puts their lives on the line to keep our world and our economy and our health at the forefront and center, we want to have the opportunity to engage with them in this relationship.”

Tudtex raised enough money to launch the program, with 1,000 seats donated on Tuesday. Until Tuesday, customers could fund more seating for frontline staff to take part in any show when Broadway reopens its doors.

“Whether it’s Hamilton or ‘West Side Story’ or a provocative new play, London or New York or whatever in our market, letting these first-line heroes go to a theater is just going to be an amazing experience, forget it for a while in life.” , Enjoy, rejoice and experience a community, ”Fenty said.

Tudtix also offers tickets to streamed musicals, which Finti said has become a successful platform since playwrights sit at home. Working with 1,500 theater partners, Finty said performances and creatives have taken to streaming their core content for broadcasting.

“It was a brain type that could facilitate streaming,” Fenty said. “I have to say, this is a huge success. People are interested in it and we are making sure that streaming continues as part of TomTomics as part of how we will modify our culture tomorrow and later. “

Regarding the future of Broadway, Fonty said the producers are confident that their show will return, but they don’t know when it will happen. In the end, he said he was proud that the industry was putting health and safety first rather than restarting their events.

“The future of Broadway, the future of drama, is unknown at the moment. I am very proud of our industry for putting everyone’s health first. “People aren’t shying away from re-opening their shows at first, they’re thinking about it a lot,” Fanti said.

Sponsors can donate to the Save A Seat Fund through the TodTix and Tomortix websites or the company’s app.

“It’s kind of embarrassing that at a time like this, it’s when we need theater the most and we can’t do it the same way, so we have to wait until tomorrow to truly enjoy and experience together,” Fenty said. We can send all these people to this show, not for a rainy day, but for a very bright day. “

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