September 22, 2021


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TV, digital profits WGA West member revenue $ 1.68 billion

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Members of the Writers Guild of America West have seen their earnings increase from a healthy 3.1% last year to ১ 1.6868 billion for profit on television and digital platforms.

The Guild’s newly released annual report notes that the number of writers working on feature films has increased by 4% over the past year, while the employment level of TV and digital platforms has increased by 3.2%.

The WGA West report reassures members that the guild – which has been embroiled in intense legal battles with top Hollywood talent companies for more than a year – is in a financial state. The report from the Membership and Finance Committee, chaired by Michelle Mulruni, was sent to members on Tuesday night.

The committee said, “We are presenting the Guild’s annual financial report at a time of turmoil for the industry and our country.” “The report, which covers the guild’s fiscal year ending March 31, 2020, does not provide a full picture of the impact of the economic catastrophe caused by the COVID-19 epidemic.

“For now, members should feel confident that the Guild has a strong financial base, significant reserves that will enable us to face and be able to face the current uncertainties,” it added.

Television and digital platform writers’ earnings reported for 2017 increased from 4.7% to $ 1.17 billion. Total employment rose 3.2% with 5,118 writers reporting income from television and digital platforms, although this number is likely to increase with late reporting. The Guild noted that the actual numbers for TV writers’ compensation are not reflected in its statistics because it does not include overscale income.

The screenwriter’s earnings stood flat at 49 493.1 million in 2019, although this number is likely to increase with late reporting. Screenwriter employment increased by 4% to 2,188 writers

Residues collected in 2016 rose 1.9% to an all-time high of ৪ 1.41.1 million, an increase of 1.9% over 201%. Finally, television grew 1.4% to 311.9 million and features 2. increased% to 159.2 million.

The WGA West Fiscal Year ended at 77 77.8 million free, headquartered on the corner of Third Street and on Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles. The Guild had a small operating surplus for FY 335,000 based on মোট 33.5 million in total revenue, down from ড 42.9 million in the previous fiscal year.

The report noted, “The decline in overall revenue as a result of the epidemic-related decline in the equity market in March is largely responsible for the loss of unrealistic investment.”

The annual cost was over কারণে 3 million due to increased pay and benefits costs, higher devaluation costs, membership contract negotiations with master contract negotiations, and continued activity with talent promotion.

WGA West also said that its overseas levies program has distributed 9 14.9 million to authors and heirs in the last fiscal year from royalty in 21 countries in Europe and South America. It dropped to .3 1.3.3 million the previous year and did not comment on the fall in the report.

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