January 31, 2023


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TV extends live lineups in temporary fixes for T-Mobile disputes

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T-Mobile has come up with a short-term solution to the complaints of multiple TV programmers that its new TV bundles have violated the distribution agreement – but carrier headaches are far from the issue.

On Thursday, T-Mobile announced several “Holidays” for customers. Among the offers: In addition to Discovery, it is adding 33 channels from Discovery, ViacomCBS, AMC Network and Crown Media in three TV live bundles at no extra cost.

T-Mobile says it is positioning to change the lineup as a “limited-time offer” and a special holiday-season gift to customers of over-the-top pay-TV services. Responding to a request for information about the promo, a T-Mobile spokesperson said in an email, “We are always on BIG during the holidays.” “This offer is all about giving customers more this holiday season – like all our holiday offers.”

In fact, T-Mobile is adding 33 channels – the same thing in the ভি 10 per month TV Vibe package – to come to terms with its content distribution agreement, industry sources said. Some of the programmers threatened legal action.

“T-Mobile Cavad,” said a media executive familiar with the situation.

Shortly after T-Mobile launched its new television service in November 2001, Desivori and VicomCBS were among the programmers who objected to Television Live and Vibe packaging in violation of their distribution agreement. This is because they specify that a pay-TV provider’s entry-level (e.g., Vibe) channel must carry a high-level. “We do not believe [T-Mobile has] In a Q3 earnings call at the moment, Discovery CEO David Jaslav says they have the right to do what they are doing right now,

The T-Mobile representative declined to say if there will be 33 Vibe channels available on the high-cost TV live tiers (which cost 40 40, $ 50 and $ 60 per month) at an additional cost. According to each industry source, Discovery, AMC, ViacomCBS and Crown Media channels will carry “100% of new and existing TV subscribers” for the terms of their agreement with T-Mobile.

Meanwhile, there are related controversies that remain unresolved with Disney, Fox Corps, NBC Universal and Warnermedia Turner. Those programmers whose channels have been excluded from the Vibe package are pushing for their basic channels to be included at the most comprehensive distribution level (i.e., Vibe).

It’s not clear how T-Mobile plans to resolve disputes going forward. According to an industry executive source, the 33 view channels in TV live tiers will obviously push the attachments into the negative-marginal region. In T-Mobile’s own Q3 call, CEO Mike Sewert identified the television as a loss-leader designed to attract new phones and broadband customers. The carrier, however, may not be willing to bear the cost of forcing channels to add to its various levels at current retail price points.

In the end, it could be forced to scrape the view – which is 10 bucks, which is basically its most attractive offer – and reduce the lineups on TV Live. An industry source claimed, “They will eventually have to close the 10 10 package.”

How did T-Mobile think it could package TV services like this without facing pushback? The company called for an “un-carrier” initiative as a “remixing TV” to give customers more flexibility and value. Contractually speaking, T-Mobile’s position was clearly that Vibe and more traditionally packaged television live tires are completely different products, as the tire-placement guarantee does not apply to the family of its OTT products. But programmers – and their legal parties – are not buying it.

Currently, T-Mobile is providing new TV OTT levels for TV postpaid wireless subscribers and Legacy Sprint subscribers. In 2021, it is expected to expand to make it available to anyone in the United States

The 33 channels that are now included in the television live tier are: AMC, Animal Planet, BBC America, BBC World News, BET, BET Rate, CMT, Comedy Central, Discovery, DIY, Food Network, HGTV, Hallmark O Mystery, Hallmark Drama, IFC, ID, Motor Trend, MTV, MTV Classic, MTV2, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Niktuns, OWN, Paramount Network, Sundance, Tinnick, TLC, Travel Channel, TV1 TV and TV Land,

Through December 31, T-Mobile subscribers are offering discounted access to Apple TV Plus and discounted Apple TV 4K set-top (after 99 99) for 12 of the two subscriber television plans (Live TV Plus or Live Zone); This is usually 179).

Separately, as of December 30, T-Mobile has been phasing out the main TV home broadband-supplied Pay-TV service. The company is offering TV Home customers special deals for a limited time to switch to live TV or Vibe packages.

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