March 20, 2023


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Twenty-One Pilot Launches ‘Never End’ Video with Constant Fan Input – Variety

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When you thought that longer quarantining meant you would have a chance to be fully immersed in the Internet, Twenty-One Pilot came to remind you that with the spontaneous rebirth of new music, that goal is a little bit cluttered with videos that promise to be endless.

“Levels of Anxiety (video will never end)” music begins anew every three minutes and 40 seconds, but there is a continuous stream of new images presented by two fans, intermittently shooting shots from the twenty-first pilot’s original “Concern Level”.

The song itself with the lockdown theme (“Won’t You Be My Little Quarantine?”) Is at number 1 on the alternative radio charts within six weeks of its release, with their label claiming to have garnered 150 million global streams before the new mega-video was released.

The group has pages submitted for fan footage at anywhere from 3-30 seconds.

In the afternoon after the midnight video was released, fans were saying that thousands of fan video contributions had already spread directly across the YouTube stream.

Before the video was unveiled on Tuesday morning, fans had to overcome many more obstacles to find that page and be the first to upload their video footage to the site. Among their digestible radio hits, there were also myths and Easter eggs to keep the twenty-one pilot faithful employed, and this campaign was no exception. Before even informing fans about the video, the duo set up a landing page for an alternative reality game (ARD) at, unlocking a series of puzzles and formulas that eventually find the upload link. .

Director Jason Jada has developed the game with the video as well as twenty-one pilots. In total, 20 clue games needed to be completed, ranging from the closed caption of the original “Concern Level” video to a “Gleaked” photo file that was hidden in the text editing program.

The group is “presenting the highest level of concern”, the first new song since the “Trench” album two years ago. In addition to the official clip and the newly reproduced fan-footage video, Twenty One Pilot has released an “live from outside” alternative version and filmed one more for “Tonight’s Show.”

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