September 18, 2021


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Twitter has locked Donald Trump’s account for violating a ‘serious’ policy

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President Trump’s account will remain locked for 12 hours after the removal of three tweets representing “repeated and serious violations of our citizen integration policy,” Twitter said Wednesday.

Twitter says Trump’s account will be disabled if offensive tweets are not removed. The agency also warned that িয়েRealdonald Trump will be permanently suspended in the future if his account violates the rules.

“The unprecedented and ongoing violence in Washington, D.C. requires the removal of the three প্রকাশিতRealdonald Trumps we published earlier today for the recurrence and serious violation of our citizen integration policy,” the Twitter security team said. Thread.

The Twitter security team added, “ভবিষ্যRealDonaldTrump account will be permanently suspended as a result of future violations of Twitter rules, including our citizen integration or violent threats policy.”

The Twitter question did not specify Trump’s tweets. Apparently a tweet was Trump’s video message addressed to rioters in Washington, D.C., asking them to go home – but he added that they were “extremely special” and repeatedly made baseless statements that the US presidential election was fraudulent. This tweet is no longer available.

Facebook and YouTube removed the same video posted by Trump, citing the potential risk of escalating violence by Facebook, and YouTube said it violated the ban on election misinformation.

In another tweet from Trump, which is no longer available, he said: . Go home in love and peace. Remember this day forever! ”

Trump currently has 6.7.7 million Twitter followers on his personal account, and he regularly jumps on Internet platforms for “censorship.” In the last days of his presidency, Trump has become a pet, repealing Section 230 of the Communications Decent Act, saying he is frustrated with the likes of Twitter and Facebook by verifying his social media posts.

Section 230 Internet companies allow a wide range of legal protections for content shared in their services and allow content to be moderated in their services as they see fit. Trump vetoed a defense spending bill (which surpassed Congress) in response to his claim that Article 230 should be repealed and included. The president also delayed signing the COVID-19 relief bill last month because he pressured Americans to raise $ 2,000 to pay – and called for the repeal of Section 230.

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