September 23, 2021


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Twitter to reset Potash account to Zero followers once biden is over

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Donald Trump and his administration will lose access to the official White House accounts on Twitter – including @ Potash and াইট Whitehouse – on January 20, 2021, when Dr. Trump was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States.

But with the change, the Biden team will rebuild those accounts from scratch for followers. On opening day, Twitter will reset @Potas, WhiteHouse and other accounts to zero followers, and users will be asked to re-follow if they choose bidon-controlled accounts. Accounts (e.g., ট Potts 45 and Whitehouse 45) will be archived.

White House accounts “cannot automatically retain their existing followers,” a Twitter representative said in a statement. Different Tuesday. “Instead, Twitter will archive the content of followers of these accounts and notify them when they send permission to follow the new account of the relevant bidon administration.”

That changes from what happened four years ago when Trump took over the White House. In 201 In, “The Trump administration calls on all President Obama’s Twitter followers @ Potash and 44 White House – 44 parties,” said Rob Flaherty, digital director of the Biden campaign. Tweeted Earlier on Tuesday, “In 2020, Twitter told us that the Beadon administration must now start from scratch.”

@ POTUS currently has 33.3 million followers on Twitter and @ Whitehouse has 26 million followers. Other presidential accounts that will go to the biden team include @ VP, @ F Floatus, @ Presssek, @ Kazen and @ Lacasa Blanca.

Meanwhile, as previously reported, after Trump’s resignation, he will lose the special exemption that applies to Twitter political leaders under which social media flags (but do not remove) posts that would be considered a violation of the policy of regular users.

“If the account [holder] All of a sudden, there is no world leader, that particular policy is gone, ”Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said at a Senate hearing last month.

It will be extended to Trump’s personal @ RealDonaldTrump account, which has 7.5 million followers today. Since election day, Trump and his supporters have made countless mistakes, claiming that Trump won the election anyway and that there was widespread voter fraud or other voting results that would have changed the outcome – without any credible evidence.

Over the past two months, Twitter has flagged hundreds of Trump tweets and retweets related to the election as controversial or misleading. After the Electoral College confirmed Biden as the next U.S. president after Dec. 14, Twitter began falsely adding several of Trump’s tweets that he had won a new label that said, “Election officials have praised Joe Biden as the winner of the U.S. presidential election.”

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