February 8, 2023


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Tyke: Ting Hixiao-ching sets new goals for Taiwan’s creative sector

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By attracting international investment and talent to the autonomous island, Taiwan is committed to making the content industry one of its economic pillars, says the agency responsible for industrial development.

Ting Hishao-ching, chairman of the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA), said the company spent the first 18 months building the framework for promoting Taiwan’s content industry locally and abroad and re-recognizing existing resources.

The next step would be to build on local production and the island’s advanced technology, and the epidemic would emerge successfully in the next era, he said.

“The establishment of the TACCA is an important milestone for Taiwan. It is an indication to the world that Taiwan takes the content industry seriously and sees it as one of the pillars of our economy, “Ting told reporters.

Takaisi was established as an independent organization in June 2019 by the Ministry of Culture and the Cabinet (Executive Yuan) while serving as a one-stop shop for local and international industrial players. Taiwan’s National Development Fund supports TAICCA initiatives to simulate investment.

Since then, Taiwan has increased its presence in international festivals, markets and fairs. Teng said Ting put together multiple cultural and creative fields under the banner of a single content industry to rebuild Taiwan.

Ting said such a strategy is favorable to the situation in Taiwan. “The biggest difference between Taiwan and South Korea is that most of Taiwan’s industrial players are individuals or small to medium-sized companies, while those in South Korea are largely organized,” he said.

He said this type of operation provides a lot of strength and flexibility for Taiwan, but requires support and coordination of the field in a fragmented game. This is also the role of TAICCA.

An indicator of success is the increase in foreign buyers participating in the first edition of the Taiwan Creative Content Fest (TCCF). The number is three times higher than last year’s Taipei International TV and Market Forum, one of three original events reconstituted to form the TCCF. “There has never been so much attention and interest in Taiwanese content,” Ting said.

The coronavirus epidemic has not only devastated the world economy, but also disrupted material production in many places. Taiwan’s success in outbreak control has opened up new opportunities for the island’s materials industry, and production has largely suffered. Overseas lockdowns have increased the demand for content that can be consumed anywhere in the world.

Supporting the next generation of creators at home and abroad is the key to further development. Ting says more young people want to come into the content industry and more talents from Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia are choosing Taiwan as their base. He added that Taiwan’s independence and democracy and the multi-cultural environment, which mix immigrants and indigenous peoples, make it a fertile base for cultural creation.

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