September 18, 2021


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UK Cinemas Launches Safety Information – Miscellaneous –

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A new campaign has been launched in the UK. Assuring viewers that Cowvid-19 Safeguard will be shown in cinemas across the country.

Directed by the UK Cinema Association, a pair of informants explain social distance, hygiene and other safety measures that will be taken to protect epidemic movie workers and audiences. These are based on guidelines published by the UK Cinema Association on 25 June.

Movies in England were allowed to open on 4 July, Northern Ireland on 10 July, Scotland on 16 July and Wales on 27 July.

Informatics will be used on cinema screens as well as other digital media as well as movie and industry partner websites and social media channels.

“We know from our own and other surveys that moviegoers have an irresistible desire to get back to the movie as soon as possible, but equally they and others want to understand the security measures and be assured that they will be there when they do,” said UK Cinema. Phil Clapp, chief executive of the association, said.

“We hope the ads we launch today give that assurance. We think the steps that will be taken to protect the audience and their team at all the cinema halls are the right steps to ensure that we will be able to provide a safe but still enjoyable big screen experience.

Wearing masks will become mandatory in shops and supermarkets across England on 24 July and is already mandatory in Scotland. However, it has not yet become mandatory in cinemas.

The Cinemaward Action Group, a union of Cinemaward multiplex chain employees, tweeted: “With the announcement that face cover will be mandatory in shops in England from the 24th, we are pushing for the law to be applied to retail areas within cinemas, such as fountains, corridors and toilets. It will be difficult. “

Meanwhile, the Odeon Workers Union tweeted: “Workers’ groups across UK cinemas have been calling for this explicit protection for weeks, not just our employers. This industry needs to be improved by all of us.”

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