September 22, 2021


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UK release of ‘The Outsiders: The Complete Novel’ from StudioCanal

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Francis Ford Coppolar Classic 1983 drama of the coming era “Outsiders“Getting a new 4K recovery from StudioCanal, Warner Bros. And American Joytrop. The remaster of “The Outsiders: The Complete Novel” is designed to see more of the world created by fans of the original film. SE Hinton Original novel. It has new music and several cut scenes that failed to make the final version of the film. StudioCanal plans to release a theatrical release for the film in the UK on October 15th, and HE will offer both original and remasters on UHD, Blu-ray, DVD and digital platforms in November.

“The Outsiders: The Complete Novel” came after years of meeting with students who repeatedly asked me why some scenes from SE Hinton’s excellent book were missing from the drama version, Cappola said in a statement. “These questions remind me of my inspiration for the film. In 1980, a group of students between the ages of 12 and 14 wrote and asked me to make it. I listened to those young fans, and I now listen to young people and believe in their opinions. , So this full movie version of the novel is for them.

“For The Biciders: The Complete Novel ‘and the original theatrical version, we wanted to create and maintain the highest quality visual quality for this restoration,” he said. James Mokowski, Film Archive and Restoration Supervisor at American Joytrop. “We’ve taken an unusual approach to identifying all the different elements we’ve found and re-scanned to create the film’s most comprehensive visual effects sequence. Fortunately, Mr. Coppola is an archivist at heart, and he kept part of every photo he shot, so we were able to combine scenes from the film using as many real camera negatives as possible.


Of tradeFear factorRussian is returning to the screen after a break of 1 year. The show shows that local celebrities have teamed up to work through a series of backbone-shaking challenges to win grants at a charity of their choice. The 8-episode series will be shot on Russian cotton. Will be produced by it WeiT Media And broadcast on the Russian Federal Network NTV. “More than 15 years have passed since the original series aired on NTV, and we’re thrilled that our viewers will get the show and new surprises,” said NTV’s general producer. Timur Weinstein. – KJ Yosman


ITV Studio‘Hit UK format’I’m a celebrity দা get me out of here!Romania has been reopened after a seven-year hiatus. This format shows local celebrities being sent to a jungle where they have to compete for food by completing countless challenges before cooking or becoming king. Featured by Pro TV, The show is expected to return to the Romanian screen in 2022. In 2015, we returned to Romania after 7 years of making and airing the first season, ”said PRO TV Programming Director. Anthony Manv. – KJ Yosman


Fremantle Face me Thames Bringing “The real dirty dance”(Work title) E4 Next year. Dance competition, hosted by the movie Superfan Keith Lemon And Ashley Roberts Pussycat dolls, 10 celebrity contestants who will move to a rustic lakeside location similar to Kellermans Resort from the 1988 film. In the series, inspired by the Australian origin of the same name, the celebrities will engage with different partners during the eight-episode run and face a challenge to help them learn dance routines inspired by the film.


Singapore International Film Festival Has unveiled three veterans of the industry who will be appearing in its series Film Academy Development program established to nurture film talent across Singapore and Southeast Asia. Malaysian filmmaker Tan Chui Mui, An award-winning “Love Concours All” in Busan and Rotterdam, and the first Malaysian filmmaker to be a mentor to new, talented up-and-comers invited to the Can Cinfondation Residency. Producer Fran Borgia This year’s program expert, is leading the festival Southeast Asian Producer Network, Which has become an open call application method of participation to promote more diverse and broad networking possibilities. And finally, playwrights and poets Alfian Sa’at Will be the main Youth Jury and Critics Program. SGIFF has extended its call until September 3 for admission for Asian and Southeast Asian films and September 10 for applicants interested in participating in the SGIFF Film Academy program. – Patrick Frater


International distribution company Rainmaker content A pair of series, comedy has stopped selling in Asia.On stage“And drama”Professional, As well as new licensees for 2021 Emmy Awards. Was sold to Amy Catchplay Plus For Indonesia and Taiwan, U-Next Co. In Japan and Media Corp. In Singapore. Going towards the “stage” Star Channel Japan, And has been renewed with Huanxi Media Group In China. Meanwhile, was picked by “professionals” Disney Network Group Asia Pacific Limited.


TPG Capital-Back Football Buying Italian football media site The deal is said to be worth more than 10 10 million. Footballco is owned by TPG-Subsidiary Integrated media company And previously bought a lion’s share The goal. Com, Including the German site Spokes And Dutch sports sites Whiteball Zone From DAZN In a 125 125 million deal in September. – Patrick Frater

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