October 25, 2021


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Under Fire, CBS ‘Activist’ to drop competition, will be a documentary

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“The Activist”, a CBS series that has become a target of online activism in recent days, is being reconfigured in response to criticism, and will now feature a one-time documentary instead of a five-episode competition series. Diversity Learned.

Although footage of the original incarnation of the series has already been shot, this version of “The Activist” will be completely new, with shooting expected to begin.

The show was originally scheduled to premiere as a series on October 22 after Usher, Julian Huff and Priyanka Chopra announced Jonas as hosts last weekend. Social media users, bloggers and opinion writers established the competitive nature of an event to celebrate and encourage activism, among other concerns.

In a joint statement, CBS and production partner Global Citizen and Live Nation Format Switch announced: However, the format of the show makes it clear that these incredible workers deviate from the important work they do every day in their community.The push for global change is not a competition and requires global effort.

“As a result, we are removing the competitive element and changing the format and transforming the concept into a primetime documentary special (air date will be announced),” the CBS / Global Citizen / Live Nation statement continues. “The tireless work of the six employees and the reasons they deeply believe in them will show the impact they are making. Each employee will be given a cash grant for the organization of their choice, as planned for the original show.”

The joint statement concluded: “Every day, activists and community leaders around the world work, often without fanaticism, to advance the protection of people, communities and our planet. To be more involved in the solution, we look forward to highlighting the mission and life of each of these incredible people. “

Global Citizen has released a separate statement which includes an apology. “Global activism is a center of collaboration and collaboration, not competition. We apologize to the staff, hosts and the larger activist community – we misunderstood this,” the NGO said. “Our responsibility is to use this platform in the most effective way to realize change and around the world Promote incredible workers who sacrifice their lives for the better. “

The concept of “The Activist” was announced in May but almost no notice was received at the time as no celebrity names were attached. Information about the show did not change when organizers announced it last week, but this time, it got attention – the wrong kind, annoying the competitive side and accusing it of using social media metrics to judge the winners. Celebrating “Click-TVism”.

Not only the three hosts, but also the employees participating in the show were making a significant fuss, who were not announced by the network but were known to some people in the staff community after publicizing their reasons when using social media. Filming of the show. Sources associated with the series say the participants are not beginners or junior activists, but personalities who are already well known in their case.

For this series there were six staff members in the now-abandoned format who represented three factors স্বাস্থ্য health, education, and the environment পূরণ meeting challenges during the initial four episodes to raise awareness of those issues. For the fifth and final episode, three of the six staff members (representing each region) were selected to go to the G20 summit in Rome at the end of October and to personally press their reasons with world leaders. The performances of well-known musicians also fell into the climactic episode.

The documentary version is expected to focus on the same staff but without “challenges” or evaluations.

Representatives of the network and the production company declined to address the creative aspects of the show’s restructuring, indicating that the practical issues of resuming production with a more simplistic documentary concept will be addressed after critics of “The Activist” come out early.

Huff, already addressing the show’s growing troopers, posted a four-part message on his Instagram account on Tuesday that said in part: On Real Activism, like ‘Black Mirror’ / ‘The Hunger Games’ felt tone-deaf and the hosts were not worthy of evaluating Activism because we are not celebrities and activists. “

He continued, “I do not claim to be a worker and sincerely agree that the judging aspect of the program has been misdirected and, moreover, I am not qualified to act as a judge. এখনও I do not have all the answers yet. “I have shared what I believe they have heard. I have faith and confidence in the beautiful people I have worked with. They will make the right choices and move the right thing forward. Not just for show, but for the greater good.”

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