September 20, 2021


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US Podcast Ad Revenue 2020 Hits $ 812M, Annual Growth 15% Decrease – Variety

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Advertising revenue in the podcast sector in 2020 – like advertising spending in other media – is being affected by the coronavirus epidemic.

According to the 4th Annual IAB U.S. Podcast Advertising Study produced by PwC, U.S. podcast advertising revenue is expected to grow by 14.7% in 2020 to about ৮ 12.12 million. Podcast advertising revenue in the U.S. dropped to an estimated $ 708.1 million, a significant drop from IAB’s 48% jump research for 2019.

For the report, as in the previous year, PWC sent a survey to companies in mid-March for 2019 earnings and 2020-22 forecasts. The same group was reissued in mid-April to recover the COVID-19 spread.

In March 2020, podcast advertising spending fell by 5% compared to the previous plan, the survey found. According to the IAB report, it decreased by 16% in April, 15% in May and 19% in June.

The report predicts that podcast spending will return somewhat in the latter half of the year, but will still fall in Q3 (-8% vs. pre-planning) and Q4 (-4%).

Early in the launch of Cavid-19, “We saw advertisers blacklist and block news sites and search terms when they sent messages to avoid deafness,” he said. Su Hogan, SABP of IAB for research and analysis.

The largest categories per podcast advertiser in the report are from direct to consumer brands (22%) and financial services (16%), with health and wellness and as home and appliances reporting in the largest DTC subcategory. News America follows the genre of top podcast content for podcast advertisers in the United States, earning 22% revenue, comedy (17%) and society and culture (13%).

The July 2020 IAB US Podcast Advertising Study is available at this link. The report is sponsored by Spotify, WarnerMedia, ABC Audio, Adsviz (part of SiriusXM), Audioboom, Authentic, DAX, Intercom, Market Enginiti, Megaphone, Stitchers Midrol Media (which is in the process of acquiring SiriusXM). , Westwood One and Wonder.

Meanwhile, IAB 920 is hosting a Virtual 2020 podcast upfront ready to run in September, targeting advertisers and media buyers to see a preview of incoming podcast programming.

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