April 2, 2023


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US releases COVID-19 guidelines for movies, high-end TVs and VFX – variety

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UK The film and high-end TV sector has gone one step further with the release of government-approved guidelines for safe operation during the COVID-19 epidemic.

The U.S. visual effects and post-production sectors have also released their COVID-19 guidelines. Confirmation of all guidelines technically allows production to resume, although the road ahead remains complex due to insurance considerations. Published as Diversity, Proposals for a government-backed insurance plan have now been submitted to the government and include িয়ন 1 million in funding.

The stand-up production guide – Working Safely on COVID-19 in the production of 44 films and high-end TV dramas – is a 44-page document entitled – The art consultation comes weeks after the British Film Commission led them, and a larger one led by the British Film Institute. COVID-19 was built as part of the task force.

The BFC described the consultation process as “probably the most comprehensive of the sector’s guidelines for COVID-19 recovery” and noted that it reflects the views of UK and US companies as well as US companies involved in production from the entire international franchise.

The guidelines focus on establishing safe work arrangements, implementing personal and environmental hygiene measures, and keeping people as far away as possible within two meters during production.

Among its arrangements, the guideline states that COVID-19 Safe Working Induction Training should be taken online by all cast and crew before starting work; Any COVID-19 should be assigned to a health and safety supervision product; And daily symptoms should be checked daily with crews and crews.

This further suggests that cast and crew should be driven if possible on a unit base; On-set crew should be minimal; And sections should be organized in small associations and kept separate from each other.

Guidance acknowledges that for some productions, social distance may be unreasonable. Here, one or more specific teams of professionals are advised to work together while minimizing the risk of infection outside of these specific groups. “Steps should be taken to protect these designated groups from the risk of being moved out of their group, off set, and away from location during any production.”

The BFC says its guidance exists for giving advice and it is not mandatory. This can also be measured by encouraging producers to implement measures tailored to the specific needs of each project.

Organizations that have assisted in the formulation of the guideline include the Pack and Production Guild, unions such as Bektu, U.S. national and regional screening agencies, and industry organization Screenskills.

Elsewhere, the UK Screen Alliance has also published its COVID-19 guidelines for working safely for the visual effects (VFX) and post-production communities, leaving the post and VFX business open for business, primarily through remote work. .

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said: “We have worked hard to support this industry in these difficult times and I am glad that we have again agreed to take this step towards rolling the cameras safely.”

Adrian Watton OBE, chief executive of the British Film Commission, said: “We believe this is the most comprehensive, widely discussed direction for the production of the world’s most COVID-19 recovery.”

Neil Hatton, chief executive of the UK Screen Alliance, added: “The combined introduction of two guidelines for filming and post-production is a significant indication that the UK film and TV industry is actively open to business; In fact, Post and VFX never stop. “

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