September 20, 2021


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Vad Bhabhi has launched Indie Label, an advocate for artists who own Masters

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Daniel Bregoli, aka Vad Bhabhi, is going to indie, launching his own label, BAHD Music and releasing a new single on September 17th called “Miss Understanding”. He also advises artists to retain master rights in their music, crediting Kanye West for inspiring the move.

“Canyon brought a lot of attention to the artists who owned their masters last year,” Bregoli said. “I consider myself lucky at the age of 18 and now I have my own ownership. I have my own platform to present my music to my fans. ”

Based on the power of the viral “This Hux” rapper was signed to the APG / Atlantic Record in 2014, which earned her the honor of being the youngest female rapper to make her debut on the Billboard Hot 100 on 1board. Hip-hop heavyweights like Megan Thi Stallion, Lil Baby, Tie Dola Egan, YG, Lil Yachi, Kodak Black and City Girls as previously reported on her 2018 debut album “15” Diversity, Vad Bhabhi and Warner Music Group’s labels split earlier this year.

“By signing a contract when you’re not established, artists don’t really understand that labels allow you to do features and have complete control over when and if your music arrives,” Bragoli claims. “It simply came to our notice then. I am finally ready to release music on my own terms. ”

Along with BAHD Music, the 18-year-old multi-millionaire is also considering the possibility of signing in the future. But “for now,” Vad Bhabhi says, “I’m going to release my own music on my label but I’m ready to sign other artists. I have a platform to help them launch and I wish they could own their own.”

The song “Miss Understood” provides a more mature perspective by the outspoken personality, who called for help to control the “Dr. Phil” show – his mother “controlling his car theft, knife-wielding, shaking a 13-year-old girl” – which he called meme-worthy. Cash Me Outside, How The? “

Following that thread, the lyrics of “Miss Understood” include, “They say I’m in trouble, but maybe I misunderstood.”

“This song is kind of like a new one for my new project, but a new identity for me as a new independent artist,” he said, referring to an upcoming EP. “I’ve grown a lot in the last one year and I know what my word wants to be now and it tastes a little bit. I think that’s really the sum of my story as well. We cut it in LA a few months ago, produced by Go Grizzly and I wrote it with London J. (Go Grizzly has worked with Future, Nicki Minaj and Kehlani; Atlanta London has collaborated with J. Beyonc,, Rihanna and Cardi B.)

The video for “Miss Independent” was directed by Tiny Tapes and Orazio.

Since becoming an adult, Bregoli has earned millions through online fan subscriptions, including monetized video views and social media posts. His music has collected more than 1.5 billion worldwide and he uses his megaphone to speak out against abuse in organizations such as the “troubled teen industry” and Dr. Phil Phil-approved turn-around ranch.

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