March 29, 2023


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Var is being used on the SD again at the Trump event with Neil Young’s ‘Okay No’ music

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If Donald Trump had only been allowed to question recording artists for recorded songs at his events, his walk-on and walk-offs would have mostly taken place in the sound of silence. But he doesn’t let the artists ’strong objections stand in his way. At his event at the foot of Mount Rushmore in South Dakota on Friday night, the voice of an artist was repeatedly heard calling Trump an “insult to our country”: Neil Young.

The Neil Young Archives Twitter account has made it clear that Rocker has not changed his position on the president’s unauthorized use of his content. “It’s not right for me,” Young wrote as he retweeted a clip of his “Rockin” in Free World, “being used to celebrate the weekend of July.” Contrary to another clip, “Like a Hurricane” starring the filed participants, Young tweeted, “I stand in solidarity with the Lakota Sioux and it’s not right for me.”

In an open letter to Trump in February, Young wrote, “You are an insult to my country. Our shared natural resources, our environment, and our relationships with friends around the world cannot be destroyed indefinitely.। Our first black president was a better man than you. “Rockin ‘is not a song in the free world that you can put out at one of your gatherings,” he added. Every time ‘Rockin’ Free World ’or one of my songs is played at your gathering, I hope you hear my voice. Remember it is the voice of a tax-paying U.S. citizen who does not support you. Me. “

The group was ordering a ceasefire and a ban on the Trump campaign after the Rolling Stones announced last weekend allocations for South and Dakota events and other young songs at the event, and if it doesn’t stop using them, lawsuits will be filed at the rally, although almost no rock artist Any song that Trump has already used has publicly objected at some point, the first time anyone is thought to have publicly blocked the BMI’s political organization’s license to use it nationally. BMI has confirmed that it has reached out to the public that it was blocked from using Stones’ BMI catalog. Earlier this week, the ASCAP informed the Deadline that the Trump campaign has also been legally banned under Stones’ songs.

Trump’s “celebration” in South Dakota was technically no campaign rally despite his biased speech, so the White House will claim to BMI and ASCAP that it is not a political event. Regardless, both the White House and the Trump campaign have shown great interest in responding to the wishes of their artists who have objected to using their music – a long list includes Tom Petty Estate, REM, Queen, Farrell Williams, Rihanna, Panic, in addition to Young and Stones! Disco, Aerosmith and Elton John

Yak’s statement of solidarity with Lakota Sayuk refers to their position that the U.S. government violated the 1868 treaty in the territory in which the president convened his session.

Released in the early nineties, “The Rockin ‘in the World” is notable for its mix of satirical and depressing songs, with lines quoting then-famous President George W. Bush’s famous speeches (“We’re a Thousand Points of Light / Homeless Man / We’ve Got a Kinder, Machine-Gun Hands”). So the disrespect for the Bush family’s legacy is that the partners that Trump and Young are becoming partners come from the opposite end of political racism, although presidential events cannot be accepted for any reason other than sponsorship – famous for Braj Springsteen’s “Born in the United States.” President Reagan’s famous use, the level of patriotism of its choruses.

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