March 20, 2023


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Venice Critics’ Week of Terrence Malik-Produced ‘Book Perspectives’ – Variety

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Terrence Malik-produced English-language costume drama “The Book of Vision”, directed by Carlo Hinterman of Italy, will open its Critics’ Week section on September 2 at the Venice Film Festival. (Watch an exclusive clip of the image above.)

Without complications, Venice will begin to be the first major international film event to be held in a physical version after the coronavirus crisis, scheduled for September 22-12.

High-Concept Pick – which focuses on “Game of Thrones” star Charles Dance, Dutch actress Lotte Verbeck (“Outlander”), and emerging Swedish actor Suvier Goodenson (“Berg / McEnroe”) on the doctor / patient history. ) Has been said from the point of view of a female medical student.

He left undergraduate school to take a deeper dive into the history of medicine and toggle between the present and the 18th century. It made its debut in Hinterman’s feature film, a multi-language documentary about Malik, for which Hinterman also worked as the director of the second-unit of the second shooting of the Indonesian Pam D’Or-winning “The Tree of Life”.

Malik, the film’s executive producer, has been involved with The Book of Vision from the beginning. According to Hinterman and “Vision” creator Gerardo Panchi, he helped engage a top team set up by cinematographer Joorg Weidmer (“Inglourious Basterds”) and designer David Crank (“Lincoln”).

The “Heavenly Days” director’s support also came in the form of telling Hinterman to go “make the movie you want,” Hinterman said. Diversity.

Hinterman and Panichi are part of Rome-based filmmaker Citrolo International, which premiered with film scholar and co-producer of Amos Gitai’s film, “Robin: The Last Day”, and US-based Iranian Amit Nader’s “Monty.” Venice 201 in 2016. Panichi said Hinterman’s feature film debut was “an important milestone in our journey.”

Hunterman, meanwhile, called “vision” a “game of mirrors between two dimensions” and said the temporary jumps were partly “inspired by the kind of storytelling in video games.” He also pointed out a tense time of 90 minutes “It gives the right speed to create an uninterrupted whirlwind which hopefully really brings you.” He further mentioned that in creating its melody, he made no distinction between hybrid and genre. “It’s a mix of ‘Barry Lyndon’ and ‘Labreth’.

Charles Dance is currently a Prussian physician of the 18th century and currently plays Eva’s physician. Goodonson plays a research tutor on Eva. Other important cast members include Filippo Negro of Italy, who starred in Netflix’s first Italian original “Subura”, and Russia’s Isolda Dychak (“Faust”).

Although Malik is unlikely to be seen in Venice, Hinterman says he is working on appearing in Lido to present the much-anticipated Hitley film, which will be a three-way co-production between Citrelo and Rye Cinema for Italy, Entre Chien et Loop in Belgium and the UK. Luminous Arts

While premiering his “Vision” in physically occupied Venice, Hinterman commented that “nothing happens by film” since his film is about “rebirth” and, this year, will re-discover the trauma we have endured by definition. “

“We’ve given this edition a lot of thought,” said Guyana Nazaro, General Delegate of Venice Critics of the Week, who thanked Venice Beanle for overseeing the main Venice fest, “for sharing their inquiries about the complexity of our (this).” The version, “which will not be easy,” he noted, would reveal “an important signal.”

Nazzaro praised Hintermann as “a truly unique kind of movie.”

“The 35th edition of Critics Week is amazing for us to open for him because it develops as a filmmaker thanks to people with a lifelong passion for cinema and continues to search and ask questions,” Nazro said.

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