September 21, 2021


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Venice: Romola Gorai-starrer ‘Miss Marks’ trailer has been unveiled

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The Venice Golden Lion contestant “Miss Marks”, starring the enthusiastic daughter of Romola Garai actress philosopher Karl Marx, has achieved the first edge of the international contract ahead of the September fest. (Watch the exclusive trailer of the movie above Watch)

Written and directed by Susanna Nicchierelli (“Nico, 1988,” “Cosmonaut”), Selanoid Dreams as an international sales agent, the film was picked up by Dididrims of China and B-Team of Spain. In Italy, the 2010 – RII Cinema Distribution Force – will distribute the film, produced by Vivo Films with Rai Cinema and Tarantula.

A rock ‘n’ roll that refreshes history seems to be the role of Eleanor, the youngest daughter of Marx (“Atonement,” “Suffrage”) Marx, a powerful feminist and socialist who took part in the struggle for workers and women’s rights, as well as the abolition of child labor. The film chronicles his tragic relationship with Edward Aveling (Patrick Kennedy), whom he met in 1883.

Nickierelli – who praised the 2014 film “Nico, 1988” which picked up the best film on the Venice horizon, said Eleanor’s story “gave her the opportunity to explore some of the most striking contemporary themes in a time context.”

“But to do it right, I was determined to overtake the costume drama after studying it first. I tried to tarnish the image of a Victorian heroine, and to replace it with a modern, iconic image of a woman fighting on both the personal front and the world.” I brought it.

“I believe that Eleanor’s story requires subtle embarrassment: her love life was unrealistic and tragic today, her plight is more familiar than women today. But the story also demands deep respect: there is as much modern and urgent work today as there was in the past between Eleanor’s fight and his colleagues. “

John Gordon Sinclair as Friedrich Engels, Felicity Montagu as Helen Demuth, and Philip Granning as Karl Marx played Miss Marx.

Venice operates from September 2-12. Earlier this week the festival unveiled its official selection – COVID-19 is largely a European affair due to travel restrictions, although the festival is a landmark year with more representation among female directors and new filmmakers.

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Miss Marks starring Romola Garay as Eleanor Marks and Patrick Kennedy as Edward Aveling
Celluloid Dreams

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