October 20, 2021


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‘Venom 2’ Post-Credit Scene: How Sony’s Marvel-Verse Changes Ends

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Spoiler alert: Don’t read unless you see “Venom: Let the Be Carnegie” in theaters right now.

A spider is seen for the first time in “Venom: Let the Be Carnegie”, it is killed by the movie villain Clatus Cassadi (Woody Harrelson). In the middle of writing an unsolicited invitation to reporter Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) to come see his execution, a large spider came up on a notecard, on which Clitus writes, and thinks nothing of hitting his hand to kill the infamous serial killer.

The moment can be seen as the blink of an eye for fans who have made no secret of their frustration that Eddie and Venom-Eddie have not been able to communicate with Venom’s most well-known Spider-Man, an alien colleague occupying body and mind. . Since 2015, it’s impossible. A tangle of intellectual property dealmaking allows Sony and Disney to share web-slings within Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe. But it did place 900-some Marvel Comics characters in Sony’s cinematic umbrella from very close to Speedy’s orbit, outside of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker. This means that the “Venom” of 2018 did not refer to Spider-Man either, although the characters are closely associated with the comics and Venom played a key role in the 2007 “Spider-Man 3” starring Toby Maguire, Brock as Toffer Grace Eddie.

With the exception of Cletus’s Spider SmackDown, there is no mention of Arachnids throughout “Let the Be Carnegie” অর্থাৎthat is, up to the post-credit scene.

Hiding from captivity at a Ramshackle Fleebug Hotel south of the U.S. border, Eddie and Venom joke about the nature of the universe, Venom teases that no human can cope with the reality of suffering in their lifetime. Eddie insists on Venom that he can handle it, and just when Venom says he’s going to show Eddie what he’s talking about, their place of residence is transformed into a luxurious resort hotel room.

Something Eddie and Venom have clearly changed the fabric of reality. Venom insists that this is not him. And then they both watch TV, which has been transferred from Telenovela to a news report from the post-credit scene of 2019’s “Spider-Man: Far from Home” by J. Jonah Jameson (JK Simmons) masked version. Published. With a shot of Peter Parker (Tom Holland) in his Spider-Man costume, but without his mask. Venom licks Peter’s face on TV and says he’s “delicious,” before the shocked (new) resident of the hotel room comes out of the bathroom and asks Eddie what he’s doing there. Eddie is shaking. End of scene.

For many listeners, those final bits of the “Let the Be Carnegie” post-credit scene weren’t even audible to listeners who understood from fans what it meant: Holland’s Spider-Man and Hardy’s Venom could eventually exist in the same movie.

The effects of the scene seem even more far-reaching, fundamentally changing what fans have to think about the adaptation of Spider-Man, MCU and Sony’s upcoming Slate of Marvel Comics. Here are our biggest burning questions:

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Does this mean that Poison will appear in “Spider-Man: No Way Home” in December?

Sony isn’t commenting – why would they, it’s a major spoiler! -But the third of Holland’s “Spider-Man” movies is set to debut in just two and a half months, so why would the studio release this teaser if Hardy didn’t appear? The first trailer for “No Way Home” has already revived Alfred Molina’s Doc Oak, a different Spidey villain from 2004’s “Spider-Man 2” and from 2014’s “The Amazing Spider-” to many more established Spidey villains like Jamie Foxx’s Electro. strongly refers to Man 2 will appear with Andrew Garfield, and Willem Duffor with Green Goblin, 2002’s “Spider-Man” Maguire.

As fans of Spidey comics know, Venom belongs to their company. Indeed, at various times, Venom was a member of the Spidey Villain group known as Cinnader Six. Other members include, yes, Doc Oak, Green Goblin and Electro সেই as well as other established Spidey movie villains such as Vultures (Michael Keaton, 2017’s “Spider-Man: Homecoming”) and Sandman (from “Spider – Thomas Hayden Church, 2007”). Man 3 “).

Even if Venom doesn’t show up in “No Way Home,” it’s clear he and Holland’s Spider-Man are lucky to share the screen. It could be a “Sinister Six” movie. In 2018, “Spider-Man” producer Amy Pascal told Vanity Fair that she was still interested in doing one with writer-director Drew Goddard (“The Cabin in the Woods”); “No Way Home” could eventually pave the way for that film to succeed.

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Tom Holland at the world premiere of “Spider-Man: For Home”.
Jordan Strauss / Invasion / AP

Will Holland appear in “Venom 3”, the upcoming “Craven the Hunter”, or Sony’s Marvel movie, which is not produced by Marvel Studios?

In August 2011, the success of Far “for Home” in the wake of the 1.1 billion success – the highest-grossing movie in the history of Sony Pictures – Disney, and Sony briefly parted ways with Spider-Man in pursuit of something bigger than Disney. The 5% of the “Spider-Man” movie that Holland received was a peace broker, cool head, and a month later, Sony and Disney announced that they would reconsider, Disney would increase its total – and contribute to the funding – about 25%. .

In that announcement, Kevin Phase, chief creative officer of Marvel Studios, also gave a startling indication that the new deal could throw his web of Holland’s Spider-Man into the world of cinema.

“Spider-Man is a powerful icon and hero whose story transcends all ages and audiences around the world,” Feig said. “He may also be the only protagonist with superpowers to transcend the movie universe, so Sony continues to develop their own spide-verse, you never know what surprises might be in the future.”

And yet, if anything, the post-credit scene in “Let’s the Carnegie” suggests that Poison The character who jumped into the MCU from Sony’s Marvel-Shlok (more palatable) সম্ভবত probably because of the spell that Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) carries in the “No Way Home” trailer, has Multiverse going all walkdowns.

Phiz, however, is not one to take his words lightly. And in May, Sony Pictures Aaron Taylor-Johnson was cast as Spider-Man villain (and Cincinnati Six Alum) in his own solo movie after playing Craven the Hunter, said Sanford Panich, president of Sony Motion Picture Group. Diversity “There’s actually a plan” to allow Spider-Man to show more flexibility in Sony’s Marvel universe.

“I think it’s becoming a little clearer for those of us where we’re going now, and I think when‘ No Way Home ’comes out, there will be more revelations,” Panich said.

So, yes: Sony urgently wants to create its own cinematic universe of Marvel characters revolving around Spider-Man, and the post-credit scene in “Let’s the Carnegie” was the first domino in the studio’s plans to make it happen.

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Tom Holland and Benedict Cumberbatch “Spider-Man: No Way Home”
Matt Kennedy

Is Holland leaving MCU?

In the short term, no. A clear part of Sony and Disney’s new deal is that Spider-Man will be seen in another Marvel Studio film. It could be “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”, which is set to open in March 2022. In an undeclared crossover movie – something like “Avengers 5”

After that point, the picture becomes more blurred. One possibility is that the events of “No Way Home” effectively create two different versions of Peter Parker of Holland: one living in MCU, the other, a slightly different Peter who occupies the Sony Marvel universe. If that sounds too weird, it already happened in a Spidey movie: the 2018 Oscar-winning animated feature “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” had two Peter Parkers একটি one Chris Pinn’s voice, the other from Jack Johnson বিভিন্ন multiverse Strands of.

Also, Marvel Studios ‘Disney Plus series “Loki” features different versions of Tom Hiddleston’s God of Evil, and we’ve already got an alternative, zombie-fighting version of Marvel Studios’ animated Disney Plus series, Peter Parker from Holland, “What if…?” (Although the character was voiced by word-of-mouth actor Hudson Thames).

The bottom line is that, along with “No Way Home”, Sony and Disney will expect it to be and become the first epidemic-era movie of 1 billion, both of which will greatly inspire Studio Holland to keep it in the wide spandex as long as the actor wants to do it.

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Screengrab courtesy of Sony Pictures

Finally, what about “Morbius” with Jared Leto?

This is where Sony’s plans for Marvel-Shlok are likely to be extremely confusing. Before the epidemic, “Morbius” – Jared Leto as a scientist and Spider-Man enemy Michael Morbius, who healed himself from a rare blood disorder by creating a powerful vampire – was scheduled to open in July 2020, according to “No Way Homes”. Originally debuted a year ago in July 2021.

Sony’s first trailer for “Morbius” sighed in January 2020 – Twitter’s interpretation among Marvel fans has not diminished, thanks to Leto’s walk in front of the poster of the Raimi-era version of Spider-Man. Keaton’s Adrian Tooms from Man: Homecoming. When director Daniel Espinosa shot the scene, he hoped they would come before the much-hyped event of “Spider-Man: No Way Home.” Thanks to the epidemic, however, “Morbius” is now scheduled to debut on January 2, 2022 – six weeks after “No Way Home” opened on December 1.

Sony will make “Morbius” an accidental prequel to any masterpiece for its Marvel-Shlok.

This may ultimately be just a small subset of Marvel super-fans, but it’s the most obvious example of the danger of trying to tell a serialized story on a blockbuster movie scale.

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