April 2, 2023


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View Target 4 July opened with 80% Cinemas operating – variety iety

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European cinema chain View will be ready to open its doors in the UK on July 4 with an uninterrupted supply of remake 4 library films such as “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” and the early Christopher Nolan movie such as “Inception” – all released on July 31. Ready for

Without further ado about the view – Warner Bros. – one of Europe’s leading movie operators. ‘The two-week delay has given some protection to the business instead of Nolan’s highly anticipated movie-saver“ Tennit, ”says view boss Tim Richards. Diversity.

“Everyone was waiting for the final confirmation before leaving The final Finalized with their own release plans, so it came as no surprise at all, ”Richards said, adding that the main date for the main discussion of“ Tenet ”was actually August.

“July 31st now seems like a firm day and there is a promise of marketing. Once it’s locked, we’ve seen all the other studios adapt. Before that, when you were looking at the middle ground [July] And Christmas, there were holes and gaps too. Now, we’re watching movies that have found a place to breathe until Christmas. “

Richards says the Winnie government is ready to reopen its July 4 target – before Cinemaward and Picturehouse movies, it was revealed on Tuesday that they would open July 10 in the United States and the United States.

It was announced in May that movies would be among the last businesses to open as part of the government’s final ‘Stage Three’ wave across the United States. Diversity Understand that this date, now about two weeks away, remains unchanged.

When Vue opens its doors, one of its offers will be a 4K remastered version of the 1980 1980 movie “Star Wars” – the first time any title movie from the original “Star Wars” trilogy has been made available at UHD. Nolan’s “Inception” will also be on offer to mark the film’s tenth anniversary.

Vol, which has already re-launched about 41 European cinemas, including all screens in Denmark and the Netherlands and half of its sites in Germany, initially saw a “huge demand” for Nolan’s headlines. Richards thinks that films like “Little Women” could finish pre-Kavid-19 in a market like Denmark.

“Tenet”, however, will become the main subject of the movie’s much-anticipated repeat audience. It’s not that there won’t be other family-friendly rents to enforce the release. Russell’s Crown-Front “Unhinged” will be released on July 17, followed by Mulan on July 24. Meanwhile, Paramount’s “The Spoke Movie: Sponge on the” will be released on July 31 alongside “Tenit”.

“We will be doing a similar box office level work in Pre-Kavid-19. We’re just going to do them in a very different way, ”Richard says.

“We’ve been running movies for a long time, and there’s going to be a lot of time shifting where customers can take part in flexible work arrangements – or those who are worried about going to a busy movie on Friday night – going to see ‘Tenet’ on Tuesday afternoon because they can, and they can watch the movie.” Want ”

The time-shifting schedule could be a “big win” for the chain, which expects more distribution to audiences throughout the week, which will also ease some of the pressure on the staff side.

In anticipation of the July inauguration, Vue is bringing in 5,000 employees outside of the government’s program. About 70% of its cinemas – about 72 of its 91 venues – will reopen.

The business will learn from its solo Taiwanese movies that will remain open with safe protection measures throughout the epidemic and operate it in the United States, which is in the process of developing guidelines for the exhibition industry.

Diversity Numerous sources indicate that the COVID-19 guidelines have been finalized, and are now awaiting government approval. The guidelines were issued at the Drive-In Cinema Hall on Monday.

Richards, who is advising the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports as part of an exhibition taskforce, said reviewing the government’s mandatory two-meter social distance obligation would be a significant incentive for businesses. “We have an effective business at 1.5 meters. Two meters away, it’s very difficult, ”he says.

“Our expectations are right now [the requirement is] We’ll absolutely fall before we open, “says Richards

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